Sunday, 23 August 2009

I Heart Sundays!

Breakfast. I'm not a big eater in the mornings.

Sunday Market with my son. Found a shadow box and this old roses sack.

Also these old metal plant stands, a steal at $5 each. They are just what I have been looking for to prettify the new shop front!

This sculpture is outside a house on the walk home from the market.



Lunch - pa amb tomaquet. It's basically a bruschetta-y type of thing but done in the Catalan style. I know that sounds fancy but I don't care as it is delicious and lazy and it reminds us of our good friends in Spain who taught us how to make it. Toast your bread (ciabatta is best), brush a cut-open clove of garlic over it, squeeze on a ripe tomato (pips and juice), followed by a drizzle of good olive oil and some sea salt. Then spoon on some fresh goat's cheese. Mmm.

Bush walk

Muddy and tired dog comes home from bush walk

Reading foodie magazines. I love Donna for the pretty pics, but Jamie is my fave as it is a bit more radical and really good to read (if a bit 'branded').

More baking. Just as well, because a friend popped in unexpectedly.

Now I am going to tidy up the veggie garden, then watch Paul make dinner (carrot frittatas), have a large glass of wine, put the kids to bed and watch a movie. With some craft or cutting out to keep my hands busy.

Aren't Sundays the best? I work a lot during the week, so I really, really appreciate them. I hope you're having a lovely day too. x


Swift Jan said...

Your Sunday sounds lovely... mine wasn't quite so relaxing hehe

Kickcan and Conkers said...

sounds great!

Faye-Anne said...

hi! just thought i'd pop in and say i really enjoy reading your blog. i live in kyneton and it's nice to read something a bit more local than the melbourne blogs. also your craft is lovely! can't wait til your shop opens up! best of luck! -faye

Meg said...

What a great photo essay. Yes! Sundays are the best. xx

Bird Bath said...

a lovely look into your Sunday. It sure does sound like a beauty.

dorothybills said...

Love Sundays too, my favourite day of the week! You had a great one and got the most out of it by the sounds of it!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Wow, your Sundays are so much better than mine. I work in the real world on Sundays and so it is never relaxing! I do love those plant stands and Jamie Oliver is tops! xx

Michelle said...

What a wonderful Sunday! Thank you so much for brightening my Monday night!