Monday, 17 August 2009

Feel-good Sunday

The rain washed away our plans to go to the Sunday Market yesterday, so we stayed in and baked instead.

A yummy homemade calzone.

And a delicious chocolate cake to share with friends.

Thanks for all your comments and emails about the chocolate drive. It was nice to make our own fair trade chocolate cake and talk about the issues as a family. I'd like to say that we always eat fair trade chocolate, and of course we don't, but we are doing our best. It was so great to know that I am not alone in caring about this and feeling like the 'odd parent'. I was also really pleased to find out that quite a few other parents in our school opted out too. I don't usually write 'topical' posts and I felt a bit anxious after I wrote it - certainly I wouldn't wish to imply that the people involved are not nice and well-meaning people as they certainly are, however I just feel so strongly that marketing to kids is wrong, and that fundraising drives don't have to be unethical and unhealthy. So thank you - and I'm sending you a piece of virtual cake! x

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