Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Thanks, Wee Birdy, for these great London images!


Adele said...

It's good people bring us these images. Since moving to Suffolk I don't get to London so much, mainly because the train is over £100 for one person. I don't feel I'm missing out so much with all these images on my screen. I wonder if the knitters will knit a cover for Big Ben.

Meg said...


Tinniegirl said...

Ooh, that phone booth. Love.

Deadly Knitshade said...


The phonebox is ours. Check out

We'd love it if you could put a link in somewhere. :)


Knit the City x

Caroline said...

mmm. a warm and cozy phonebox. i'd make a call from in there, i would pocket my mobile and dig for change just to go in there.