Saturday, 5 September 2009

Daylesford tips for Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, hope you are reading this, thanks for your comment on my last post! You asked for some tips on visiting Daylesford, especially shops. There are two oppies in town: Vinnies on Howe Street (average) and MS Shop on Duke Street (good). For retro shops you must visit the huge Mill Market on the outskirts of town. Also Junk Style upstairs on the main drag. My favourite junk shop is the Daylesford Bazaar on Vincent Street towards Hepburn. If you like to craft there are two great shops in town, Threadneedle and Purl's Palace. As for cafés there aren't any really retro or groovy ones but the friendliest are Beer & Breakfast opposite the primary school, and the Book Barn bookshop and café down at the lake, where there is also a pretty walking track and a children's playground. If you visit on a Sunday the bric a brac market is pretty good too. Have a great trip!

To everyone else: I am thinking of putting together a little zine with best tips for cute and retro places to visit around Central Victoria, if you have any great tips or secrets from around these parts please let me know! xx


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Thanks for that Allison. One day I hope to visit your pretty town with my family. I shall definitely visit those places (and your store of course!) xx

m.e (Cathie) said...

oooohhh, love your pics! gorgeous :)

Beky said...

What a great idea, to put together a little zine of retro / vintage places to visit around Central Victoria. I can see you hosting travel tours next. :-)

Alison Gibbs said...

Fabulous information for anyone visiting your home town

katy gromball said...


Happydacks said...

A little zine would be really great Alison! Big congratulations on your nomination for Designer of the year too!

vanessa said...

Allison special do I feel???!!!:)
I will write them all down printer has run out of ink!
Can't wait to see your pretty town....when we were planning our trip I said to hubby "We HAVE to go to Daylesford" know, the town where the lovely Allison lives that has that pretty blog I look at all the time!
And congratulations on your nomination...that is THE BEST news!
I love it when super talented (but modest!) creative people get some recognition...well done :)
Will have to pass on some tips for your zine when we get back :)

ps 3000 is good for Melbourne city but lots of music stuff and not enough crafty/retro/op shoppy things...I think your zine would definitely fill a gap.

vanessa said...

OOPS! Forgot to say....

THANKS!!! :)