Tuesday, 29 September 2009

In the shop...

It was quite a busy day today, with lots of visitors.

This lovely little sweetie popped in with her mum, who is a blogger. Hi Belinda, I can't find your blog, please send me the address and I'll post a link!

And the very lovely and excitable Kate came in all the way from Gippsland, with her whole family. We chatted for ages, and I have told Kate she must get a blog - anyone who is making a knight's outfit for her little boy from chain-mail coke can pulls needs a blog, don't you think?


trasha said...

Oh I want that t-shirt.

Swift Jan said...

LOL thst shirt is cool!!

A knights suit from chain mail coke can pulls, indeed needs a blog!! I need to see that!

biggirlssweets said...

heheheheeh - wowsers!

You're so wonderfully L O V E L Y, Allison!

You make me smile for miles!

Had the MOST funnest time with you, and yes, I was truly excitable. But I blame you, entirely. You just inspire excitement. So there! I think I forgot to say Congratulations and well done on a magnificent Brick version of your Gorgeousness that is Lark.

Big EXCELLENT WORK stamp & a shiny gold star.

We just got home from our pilgrimage to Lark/Daylesford and I'm very happy we made the journey.

Bel said...

Hi Alison
sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I could give you a truck load of excuses which include the constant distraction of my spunky little monkey, or the fact that my lap top is on it's last legs, but i was a bit embarrassed at my lack of blogging. I even took pics of all the lovely goodies we purchased at the shop to blog about, two months later they are still haven't been uploaded.
Anyway, am looking forward to coming up for the makers market, but am SO EXCITED for sister's market to meet Mandy of Belle and Boo. Will have to start putting aside the pennies now as I think I may just blow the Christmas budget.
Look forward to seeing you.