Friday, 16 October 2009

New Kid on the Block!

Hey, there is a new vintage store in Daylesford! Just opened opposite the school, where Threadneedle used to be, a cute shop run by Suzanne and Carmel, two stallholders from The Mill who have started their own venture.

I popped in today and was knocked out. They have a great selection of vintage toys and linens, just the things to make my heart sing!

They have several of these beautiful 1950s tin dollhouses, including one still in its box and full of vintage furniture.

The back room hasn't been sorted through yet but it is stuffed with shelves and shelves of vintage goodies.

I also love the $1 tub outside!

I spent $20 on a vintage fabric basket, a very sweet knitted shawl and two cute toys.

This Fisher Price wooden helicopter will join the collection we have going on in our bathroom. I love it, especially the pictures of the Little People and their dog.

This shop is so new it doesn't even have a name yet. Pop in ahead of the crowd and have a rummage!


Kitschen Pink said...

TEASE!!!! Not fair Not fair Waaaaaaa!

Betty Jo said...

That's weird. I almost bought that very same owlie cup and teapot from the Mill markets. Lily sensibly asked "Do you really need another owl thing?" So there it remained!

vanessa said...

Was the squirrel toy in a plastic bag??

I think I admired it when I visited the Mill Markets!!!

adecco. said...

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Wow! Nice vintage store. I love the paper doll house.

Pageone said...

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Great finds. I love vintage. Thanks for featuring this store.

tess said...

Ohhh my god! that store looks like heaven. I cannot wait to come to Daylesford!! xx
PS - Liz, you can NEVER have too many owl things!

mannafromheaven said...

I want to MOVE to Daylesford, it looks incredible!! :)