Saturday, 28 November 2009

Bits and Bobs and creative people

Phew, what a day. The shop was busy, busy all day yesterday. With the Daylesford show and makers market nearby, lots of people came in, including heaps of blog girls wearing handmade yoyo brooches to recognise each other, how cool! It was all Julie's idea. I wore mine too. There were too many lovely old and new friends to list everyone, but thank you so much for popping in to our shop!

I was about to shut the shop at 4pm when Jodie, Annie and Cam and her sister came running in all breathless, and it was lovely to see them. And the customers who followed them in, and the customers after that too (I finally left the shop at 6.15!).

Such a happy day. I was especially excitable about putting out the goodies from Bob, which you can see in these photos. Sonia Brit is one of my idols, I admire everything she does, so I was jumping up and down when her mum and dad dropped off a huge box full of cute wrapping paper, gingerbread men, sweet bobby pins and the awesomest totes. Yay!!!! And these pass-the-parcels for crafty girls too!

Beccasaurus popped in again at lunchtime with a vintage Smurfs bag full of cool pencil rolls for the shop. Love them! I will post a pic as soon as I've put them in the shop. And Nic gave me a preview of her amazing new tea towel designs, which we will be stocking soon. Danielle, who did the designs for our new knitted play food packaging, came in with her new baby. And Belinda, who is one of our favourite customers! And so many other nice people.

Lovely Kirsty sent over a special gift for me, before popping in after the market. It was - gasp - one of her albums with a hand-embroidered vintage Little People cover that I had been dreamily admiring at Mathilda's market last week. What a gorgeous and clever girl she is! And a super friend to boot!

Seeing so many lovely crafty girls really lifted my spirits yesterday. It reminded me that there are so many genuine and warm people out there, people who have such original ideas and create things themselves rather than taking from other people, and who are loyal and funny and clever. We're so lucky here in our corner of the world to have such a huge and passionate craft thing happening.

Today was much quieter, allowing us to clean and re-stock the shop. Phew. Hope your weekend was lovely!


Jodie said...

I would be honoured to be thought of in such great company.
Allison , your shop is daughter will be thrilled and I can't wait for all the wonderfulness you have coming !
I'm so glad we (almost ) forced you to open again for us...

CurlyPops said...

I was very glad that you were still open! I love checking out gorgeous handmade goodness.

yardage girl said...

Thankyou for the lovely mention in this post, and thanks agian for taking the time to see me! Your shop is really brill - it was so wonderful to finally see it!