Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cup Day

Today is Melbourne Cup Day. For you guys in the UK, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race a bit like the Grand National, except that here in Australia we take sport so seriously that it is a public holiday! Yay!

We had a small 'tea' for some visiting friends and we watched the race on TV (my oldest son's horse came first as usual, I should put some money on him one of these years!). Do you like my corsage brooch? It was made by this lovely crafter from a vintage tie. A tie! From an op shop. I love that! Although the reaction from man friends has been 'wow , that's a really nice tie, you should unravel it' . Tsk. The brooch is so beautifully made, too. I like that it's a bit fancy, but not TOO fancy, do you know what I mean? Hurrah for clever crafters!


Swift Jan said...

Oh it's lovely

Alison Gibbs said...

Cute corsage brooch.

zofia said...

That is a gorgeous corsage brooch, must go and take a look...:)

Missymaomao said...

Very nice corsage tie, lol

I've awarded you the Kreative blog award.

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Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

It's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Looks great on the black top too.

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

So lovely! I went over to the miss alison blog but could not find an email address, I want to enquire about buying one/some for christmas gifts (to me hehehehehe!) Peta xo

Natasha Burns said...

Wow I love your tie corsage, it's fabulous!

Just discovered your lovely blog and shop! I was in Daylesford only a few weeks ago and wish I had've known about it then. Oh well, I visit at least 3 times a year so I am sure I'll have the pleasure of checking it out in person one day soon :)

Hope you picked a winner yesterday, my horse is still running :)