Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Markets Everywhere!

Here in Country Vic, new craft markets are popping up everywhere, I was recently invited to one in Geelong, and I hear that there is to be a regular event in Ballarat next year.

Melbourne is the same - when I was starting out 3 or 4 years ago, the only craft market I could find was Flemington, and I never had much success there. But now we are spoilt for choice, as new markets are popping up all over the city. Isn't it great?

From a maker's perspective, I really think craft markets are a great thing, not just to raise some money but to make contacts and to help you to develop your fledgling business in a low-risk environment. When choosing which markets to attend, I would advise sticking close to home (early morning starts are a killer!), and visiting a few to get a feel for which one suits your product. And watch out for the fees, which seem to be rising. I was recently quoted $300 for an ordinary one-day market (!). Needless to say, I am not going.

Having said that, I'm tempted to do an interstate market next year, I think that would be fun. It looks like there are some great markets in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. And Canberra and Hobart of course! Hmm.

But getting back to Melbourne, I am going to be taking the Lark stall to these two Christmas events in the city:

Mathilda's Market THIS SUNDAY 22 November from 10-2 at Hawthorn Town Hall. I'll have a wide range of Lark goodies, Genki tees, Paumes books, Japanese masking tape, Christmas toys, handmade gifts and of course some special offers. We'll also be manning a stand for our friends from Mae, have you seen their super-sweet fabric wall decals?

Sister's market SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER from 10am-2pm at Brunswick Town Hall. One of my favourite markets, and I'll have all of the above goodies plus I'll be joined by Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle & Boo, who'll be signing her lovely artworks.

So I hope to see you there, whether you are having a stall or just visiting. I'm personally planning to knock off most of my Christmas shopping at these events, yay!


Kali said...

It's definitely a trend nationwide...We have some brilliant new Markets here in Tasmania, and who can be surprised with such amazing talent !

Penny said...

Ooh I'm excited, I'm having a stall at Mathilda's too, so I will see you there!!!

Clerk said...
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Marita said...

Would love to see Lark in Hobart. Yes the best thing about Markets is meeting other crafty types!

spill said...

Ohhh, will you be having any of the clothkits with you?

yardage girl said...

See you on Sunday!

Megan said...

Canberra has great Handmade markets at the start of every season. Their getting huge as well. The next one is actuallly on this Saturday,I thin it would be a great interstate on to go to.

Rosie said...

I vote fro Hobart! We'd love to see you here...check out the market (

Natasha Burns said...

Oh gosh now I know why your name was so familiar! I too had a few stalls at Flemington, probably at the same time that you did :)
I visited every month back then as well, not as much now though.
I'm hoping to get to see you in Brunswick :)