Saturday, 5 December 2009

Brunswick Fun

Lots of fun at the Sisters Market in Brunswick today. Mandy came along to chat to people about her work. She was delightful company as ever, a real trooper too, and it was wonderful to see people's reaction to Belle & Boo and to hear their stories about prints they have bought or been given. A little girl came along who was the image of the girl in I Like Your Bow. Lovely!

Our stall was in a great spot, right in the heart of things and near to some of my favourite market pals including Annie, Michelle, Belinda and Maria. The Sisters is one of my favourite craft markets, the customers are always friendly, down-to-earth and a bit of a giggle. We stuffed ourselves on falafel from the car wash across the road and had a fun day!


Betty Jo said...

Oh, I'm sorry to have missed it..Big family reunion happening this weekend. Are you doing sisters in Feb? Please do , as I think I will need moral support for my first one.

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Allison,
It was a great market! Hopefully I can get in there for the April one, if they'll let me! I wouldn't have found out about this market if it hadn't been for you and your blog!
So nice meeting you today, I hope you had a wonderful day.
I just emailed you the photos I took today, it's a fairly big file so might go to your junk or spam folder... it should be with you now. Let me know if it didn't work and I can break it into two emails.
Natasha xo

tikki said...

oh oh, that was my little girl!!!
She was so excited to meet the lovely lady who made her carousel badge. Mandy was sooo lovely!!