Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas at last...

I've been thinking about Christmas since April. Crazy, isn't it? But that's when I started planning Lark's Christmas range, to allow time for design, sampling, buying, trade fairs and getting things into the shops from September onwards. The last two months have been all about packing orders full of Christmassy stuff for other people.

But finally this week we have begun to think about our own Christmas. I have ordered a lot of presents from Esty, Folksy and other online shops this year and they are starting to arrive. Today I wrote Christmas cards and sorted through our Christmas decorations to check if any needed repair.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas when I was little was the day we would decorate the tree. Every year the same old Christmas ornaments came out. Teena's post last week reminded me of the strange little dolls we used to have with pipe cleaner arms, and I also remember some tin nativity figures and some budgerigars made of chocolate and wrapped in foil that we could never bring ourselves to eat but which made an appearance every year for at least a decade (or so it seems to me looking back).

Our family's tree ornament collection is quite varied, to say the least. I dislike the stylised Christmas trees you see, with just two colours like silver and purple or white and turquoise. My favourite look is classic red and gold tinsel on a real tree, with baubles and decorations of many colours to light it up.

Having said that I do have a fondness for red baubles!

I love handmade and knitted ornaments.

I love these sweet angels - the knitted angel is a church fete find, the felt angel is from a local maker called Amanda and the crochet angel is from one of Lark's previous Christmas ranges.

And of course, I have a treasured collection of pieces made by our kids at kindy and school over the years!

I also really love tiny wooden ornaments. I have quite a collection, some of them vintage, some just cheapies that I have bought here and there, and some really special ones sent to us by our dear friends Rebecca and Daniel who live in Berlin. Germany has the best ornaments.

Ok, ornaments sorted. That's one thing to cross off my list anyway!


Handmade in Israel said...

Lovely to see all your ornaments. What a collection to treasure!

allison said...

lovely lovely ornaments! are really very nice :)

brightandblithe said...

before i had a family of my own, i liked the stylized trees, but now that i have a little one, i would much prefer an eclectic collection of ornaments. i'm sure that one day, when she has grown and flown the nest, my favorite ornaments will be the ones made from toilet tissue rolls.

teddybearswednesday said...

Love seeing your gorgeous ornaments. I love the decorating of the tree too.
My mum has the most beautiful selection of decorations she has collected over years, alot quite old from the US, I think you would like them too! So I always love seeing them all again.

Swift Jan said...

Beautiful decorations :)

We used to have just all gold ornaments on our christmas tree (several years ago now), but I too am like you now, lots of colours to brighten it up look much nicer.
I am loving all my new handmade treasures. They look so much nicer than the mass produced type.

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

what a lovely collection....April eh?
I adore those traditional German decorations too.

Susan said...

Very nice ornaments.