Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway!

It's that time of year again - I am doing a little giveaway this week, just for fun. The prize is a Lark Christmas Pressie containing...

A Frankie Afternoon Tea Book

A Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit

A copy of Patisseries a Paris by Paumes Books

A Classic Ladybird Books tea towel

Yes, there is a bit of a baking theme going on here! And to enter the giveaway I would like you to leave a comment telling me your five favourite classic Aussie cakes and slices. Lamingtons? Vanilla slice? Peppermint slice? Rumballs? Carrot Cake? What do you always buy first at the CWA stall or school fete? I'd like to know.

Please leave your comments by Boxing Day and I'll pick a winner the following day.



1. Jam filled Lammingtons.
2. Lemon Delicious.
3. Chocolate Ripple Log.
4. ANZAC Biscuits.
5. Pavlova.

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas xo

jodesmac said...

Hi, thanks for the chance to win something nice,

i love

1. Caramel slice,
2. vanilla slice,
3. anzac biscuits,
4. lamingtons with cream,
5. mars bar slice (aussie?)


Kellie Christie said...

Those little toffees with hundreds and thousands, and then anything nice and chocolatey like lamingtons or brownies :-)

mum/toddler/babe said...

1. Lemon slice
2. Choc Caramel slice
3. Vanilla slice
4. Anzac biccies, esp if they are the soft chewy ones
5. Lamingtons!!

Style Me Gorgeous said...

What a delicious prize pack :-) I love...

1. Caramel Slice
2. Mars Bar Slice
3. Anzac Biscuits
4. Carrot Cake
5. Rum Balls

Happy Christmas xx

Swift Jan said...

Oh how exciting!! I am having a give away too :)

So here are my 5 fav treats!

1. Chocolate Slice
2. Jam donuts
3. Gingerbread
4. Hedgehog slice
5. Mars Bar Slice

Mmm my mouth is watering just thinking about them *drools*

Vic said...

1. Fresh scones with jam & cream.
2. Lamingtons.
3. Vanilla slice.
4. JELLY SLICE...!!! (Sorry about the capitals... but I just remembered it & it really is awesome... would have been my #1 if I'd remembered earlier...)
5. Tie between Carrot cake & Banana cake.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... cake.....

Now you've made my mouth water... thanks a bunch! ;)
Thanks also for the generous baking themed giveaway!

Rosie said...

5? It's gotta be the vanilla slice all the way baby. You can't go past a good ol' snot box!

Cass said...

Well I have to say number 1 is Choclate Crackles, why are they never on the cake stall anymore?
2. Lamingtons (especially with jam and cream)
3. Any good looking homemade cakes
4. Coconut ice (is that Aussie?)
5. Can't think of anything else

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Hmmm my 5 fave's would be:
1. Coconut Ice
2. Vanilla Slice
3. Anzac Biscuits
4. Carrot Cake with that naughty cream cheese icing
5. Lamingtons

Jogirl said...

HMMM,toughie, ok probably homemade fudge of some description, or cupcakes..sorry but that is how it is..oh or toffees with hundreds and thousands...yum xo

jane l said...

what a great prize...
caramel slice.
vanilla slice.
anzac cookies

Barra said...

1. Jelly Cakes (with cream)
2. Yo Yo's
3. Sponge (Ginger Fluff preferably)
4. Vanilla Slice
5. Chocolate Cake

Not sure if these are truly Aussia but they set my taste buds working


How Tweet It Is said...

Oh yummy my tummy is rumbling just thinking about the goodies!

I always come home with
Coconut Ice
Peanut Clusters
Definately Anzac biscuits and I know these are not a cake but I also cant walk away from some 'Nuts and Bolts' mix.


CurlyPops said...

What a fabulous giveaway!
My favourites are all the classics from my childhood:
1. Lemon Slice
2. Peppermint Slice
3. Jelly Slice
4. Hedgehog
5. Rum balls (with or without actual rum)

taylah_ said...

Merry Christmas!!

what a lovely giveaway. I really would love to give the Frankie book to my friend , i have been searching everywhere for it with no luck so far.

I love caramel slice,
baby toffees in patty pans with sprinkles on top, and bikkies in the shape of sweet ausie animals, like kangaroos and koalas.


Little Snoring said...


1. Coconut Ice
2. Afghan Biscuits
3. Rum Balls
4. Caramel Slice
5. Lamingtons (with red jam!)

Afgans aren't strictly a cake or slice but they are delicious.

Maybe I will add Humingbird cake with pineapple chunks (also good with fresh mango)

Lee said...

1. Hedgehog slice
2. Rum balls
3. Caramel slice
4. Fairy cakes (with chocolate icing and hundreds and thousands on top)
5. Lamingtons, but the ones made from buttercake and not sponge!

Awesome giveaway, I so hope I win!

Lee L :)

Thereisabuttonmissing said...

1.Hedgehog Slice
2.Lemon Slice
3.Vanilla Slice
4. Fudge
5. Chocolate Mud Cake.


danielle.lang said...

Definitely caramel slice. But often the ratio of chocolate:caramel:base is all wrong!

Lindsay said...

1. pavlova
2. Millionaire shortbread
3. Lamingtons
4. Mint slice
4. Vanilla slice

C @Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!

1. Mum's Boiled Plum pudding & Fruit Cake (can't decide)
2. Mum's Rum Balls & Carrot Cake (can't decide)
3. Mum's Self Saucing Lemon Pudding/Cake & Carrot Cake (can't decide)
4. Mum's Apricot & Coconut Balls
5. Great Aunty Doreen's Sponge Cake with cream in the middle and Strawberries & Cream on top.

I haven't been to a CWA stall or school fete for ages. Do remember buying scrummy lamingtons at school fetes and CWA stalls.


sarah said...

oh wow, lets see now.

1. vanilla slice (i had a good giggle re it's pet name..snot box! lol)
2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnn(lol, i left the lap top for a min and my 18 month old just "typed this in!)

no. 2 is defo lamingtons, though if i i saw them in pink, i would defintately be sucked into that!

3. caramel squares

4. honeycomb

5.lemon drzzle cake

yum yum yum

Mary said...

sponge cake with passionfruit icing
scones with jam and cream
chocolate caramel slice
that coconut jam slice thingy
patty cakes (before they were called cupcakes)

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

In no particular order!
Sponge Cake
Lemon Slice
Scones, Jam and Cream
Yo Yos
Tim Tam Balls - my new found fav!
Thanks for the chance to win

lorrainel said...

1. lamingtons made by my nanna tate
2. vanilla slice with mysterious solid yellow filling and glossy white icing
3. choc caramel slice - so sweet my teeth ache
- honey joys that are crunchy and sweet and golden
- chocolate crackles - hooray for copha!

Miss Shivi said...

♥ Scones, especially ones with savoury ingredients added such as pumpkin

♥ Wholemeal pancakes cooked with pureed tinned fruit and passionfruit pulp in them

♥ Raisin Rock cakes , although I swap the raisins for sultanas

♥ Anzac biscuits

♥ Barm brack, a loaf made with dried fruit soaked in tea

Not sure if these are particularly aussie(besides the Anzac bikkies) though! ;)

Absolutely love the prizes!

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

This thread is making me hungry!

1. pink lamingtons
2. fairy cakes
3. fudge
4. caramel slice
5. swiss roll

Mel said...

What a generous giveaway - I've been wanting the Frankie Cookbook for ages!

My favourite sweet treats are:

White Christmas - making this today as gifts to family

Peanut Butter Balls - crunchy peanut butter mix covered in dark chocolate!

Pink Lamingtons!

And I love a good ANZAC biscuit

Merry Christmas!

Shan said...

1. Lemon Slice
2. lamingtons
3. Caramel Slice
4. Hedgehog
5. Rum balls

Yum.... good luck everyone

Rachel said...

I love baked goodies.
my top five would be...
1. chocolate crackles
2. lamingtons.
3. carrot cake
4. pikelets with whipped cream and homemade strawberry jam
5. anzac biscuits
I am all hungry just reading everyone's responses!! :)

 Aphie said...

What a cool prize! Baking is on my mind, as I jjst made a heap of stuff for a family do on Sundayl.
I am sadly not able to eat a lot of my faves, as I am yet to work out cow's milk-free versions for them. But I can still dream!

I always, always, ALWAYS snap up the coconut macaroons when they can be found - they're sadly "dated", it seems. They are so yummy!

I also love Anzac bickies, though they're not strictly a cake or slice, all year round.

Same again for lamingtons.

At this time of year, gingerbread is all around and I do not regret it!

Lastly, I'm a sucker for those milk Arrowroot bickies with the faces done with icing and lollies - so much childhood nostalgia in one little package!

Julie said...

What a lovely giveaway idea.

I've had a think and these are my top five. All perfected by my Mum.

Ginger fluff
Coconut ice
yoyo biscuits
and fairy cakes.

I'm hungry now. xx

Andi said...

Without a doubt the vanilla slice that they sell in Sorrento. Like eating pure heaven!!!

Turning Japanese said...

Oooh, I'd totally go for the jelly slice and toffee because those were two things my mother (and grandmother) never made.
I also love sponge cake. I have really been having a craving for one lately too. I guess I need to get off my butt and make one!
Merry Christmas see you in the new year - I've penciled in a trip to Dalesford especially for Lark!

brusselsprouts said...

Vanilla Slice
Toffee with H&T's
Anzac Biscuits

Merry Christmas!!

Lyn said...


Caramel Slice
Vanilla Slice
Hedgehog Slice
Tea Cake
Coconut / jam slice


m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh, baking :)

Lamingtons with jam
coconut ice

bubbachenille said...

All of the above, in no particular order, they are all nimber one in my eyes and now my mouth is watering !

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

1. vanilla slice
2. peppermint slice
3. lamingtons
4. scones
5. my Nanna's chocolate biscuits

That was hard as I'm not a big cake eater! Def vanilla slices first, however and cheesecake anything but that's not Aussie I guess. xx

Angela said...

1. Kiss Biscuits
2. Rum Balls
3. Vanilla Slice
4. Choc ripple cake
5. Choc/Coconut slice

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Lemon slice
Vanilla slice
Choc Balls
Choc Crackles


Candice said...

What a great giveaway!!
My 5 favourites are:

1) Homemade Scones with Jam & Cream
2) Lamingtons
3) Anzac Biscuits
4) Orange & Poppyseed Cake
5) Passionfruit Slice

AnastasiaC said...

id have to say Lamingtons or jam swirl cake...always a classic favourite here!

Kirsty said...

Cooking - my favourite!!

1. Anzac Biscuits (always made for Anzac Day)
2. Pavlova (a la Jamie Oliver)
3. Bread and Butter pudding (from my Nana's Green & Gold cookbook)
4. Scones with Jam & Cream (from the CWA at the Royal Adelaide Show)
5. Jelly slice (made by my besties mum).


Megan said...

1. Butterfly cakes
2. Mars bar slice
3. Toffee
4. Brownies
5. Custard tart

Merry christmas!

Jen said...

1......I know it's not baked,,,,,,,but, Rosella Jam - how much love is packed into those recycled bottles by preparing all the rosellas!!!!
2. Caramel Fudge
3. Butterfly cakes
4. Lamingtons - so big that you have to break pieces off and eat them so you don't inhale the coconut :-) (not a good look)
5. Chewy Anzac biscuits.

Niki said...

1.Hedgehog Slice.
2. Rice Bubble Slice.
3. Caramel Slice.
4. Vanilla Slice.
5. Apple Slice.
Oh I could go on but I'll stop before I go raid the pantry.
Merry Christmas,

carm said...

thank you for the lovely offer ... now here we go
1. lemon meringue anything
2. lemons slice
3.caramel slce
4. lamngtons


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Yummy yummy !!! You just can't beat Aussie sweeties evben if you live in a country filled with beautiful Patisséries!!
1 Pavlova
2 Lamingtons
3 Lemon drizzle cake
4 Coconut ice
5 Chocolate crackers

che carina! said...

1. rum balls
2. caramel slice
3. pavlova
4. caramel slice
5. carrot cake

those dumpling dynasty kits are to die for!!

Bird Bath said...

oh what lovely prize pack - we love to get into the baking groove over here!

1. pavlova
2. trifle
3. lamingtons
4. carrot cake
5. jelly cakes

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh you are lovely!
fairy cakes
pikelets ( do they count?)
scones with fresh cream and jam
swiss roll
passionfruit sponge.

thanks allison!

Marita said...

What a gorgeous giveaway,

my favourites are
Kiss Biscuits
Vanilla Slice (even made with Sao biscuits)
Hedgehog Slice
Carrot Cake
Caramel Slice.

All very yummo.

have a great Christmas!

littleray said...

i'd love to win something!

1. custard tarts
2. mars bar slice
3. lamingtons (with jam in the middle)
4. lemon slice
5. my mums jelly slice

ettie mcrae said...

ooh I do love a baking theme...

My family moved here in 1997 and now the whole family loves Aussie baked goods. My hubby is the most addicted, since he has been snacking since his Bendigo birth!

1. Caramel Slice for my hubby
2. snot block (vanilla slice) for my mum
3. Anzac biscuits for my brother (x 100)
4. Lamingtons for my dad, filled with jam is even better.
5. For me...PAV !!!! yum x

mrs smith said...

These are my Aussie baking memories rather than favourites - some I would be happy to go without

1. Peppermint slice from the school canteen,
2. snot blocks or vanilla slices also from the school canteen with pink icing and the custard a very unlikely yellow,
3. Sultana cake the nun's used to make and give to my Dad ( their doctor) at Christmas every year,
4. Rock Cakes - often true to their name, made by the truckload by young girls with a baking fetish and sugar addiction,
5. Bakers toast - a weird caramel experiment with bicarb soda that my sister often indulged in.

kitty said...

oh my, I love baking!

My favourites were

: honey joys
: marble cake
: toffee with sprinkles
: old time cupcakes
: zuchinni cake with cream cheese icing (this was always our contribution)

Now I'm inspired to bake something today. If I can choose just one thing, that is.

Mooce Baby said...

What a great giveaway! Here are my favourites:
1.Rum balls (eating right now)
3. Apple strudel
4. Belgium Chocolate
5. Pecan tart

Mary said...

Jam and cream filled sponge would win hands down with me followed by anzacs!

margie.g. said...

Hello I found your fabulous stores blog through Belle & Boo. Love your store! Well done! I wish I lived closer to Daylesford!

My favorite Aussie Slices are:
1: Lamingtons: sliced in half & topped with real cream and a red glace cherry! My Mum would make these for us every sun nite at home as a kid! I would help and eat the choc. sauce that dripped onto the kitchen bench!!Yumo! This would have to be at the top of my favorites list!
2:Rum Balls: Christmas time at my Grandmas!
3:Pavlova topped with fresh cream, bananas and passionfruit. Mmmmm!
4:Chocolate Hedgehog Slice.Yummy!
5:Lemon Slice, easy no baking!

I still have the recipes my Mum typed out for me as a Wedding present 31 years ago!!

This is making my mouth water and bringing back many happy childhood memories, growing up in Melbourne. Thanks!
Merry Christmas! Margie G. S.A.

Rita said...

Lived in Melbourne for about 4 years and although that was 7 years ago, I still remember and long for Lamingtons, lemon slice, anzac biscuits, and pavlova. Not exactly five but love them all.


SadieandLance said...

Merry Christmas!

My fav Aussie slices/biccies are:
1. Vanilla Slice
2. Neenish Tarts
3. Butterfly cakes
4. Marble Cake
5. Banana Cake

Yummo! All made regular appearances in our house when I was growing up, and still do!

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

coconut ice


butterfly cakes

rainbow cake

toffee apples

Ms Lace said...

1.Good ol fashioned butter cupcakes
2.Sponge cake - the cwa ladies really know their stuff
3. Caramel Slice - cures any ills
4. Jam Drops - perfect with a cup of tea
5. Rock cakes, sultana scones - anything really that is rich and buttery

Wishing you a happy Christmas and a joyful New Year - thanks for your inspiration :)

Susan L (lily40au) said...

Oh yum, what a fab giveway.

Five favourites:
1. Pav
2. Mars slice
3. Lemon slice
4. Yo Yos
5. Carrot cake.

PS Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010 to you ... thanks for all your inspiration and fun this year.

Isis said...

I don't think many of our cakes/slices/bickies are truly aussie but I still love them :P....

1.ANZAC bickies
2.Banana cake
3.Jam drops
4.Honey Cornflake crisps
5.Vanilla slice (that's for my boy)

thanks :) :) :)

susieqiloveyou said...

ooh my favourite type of top 5
#1 vanilla slice
#2 lemon slice
#3 pavlova
#4 butterfly cakes
#5 hedgehog

Now I am hungry and wouldn't you know it my oven isn't working. Will have to be content with dreaming

Happy christmas cooking :)

perempuan said...

Wow. Great giveaway, thanks!

I love:
Caramel Slice

At CWA stall or school fete I'd usually go for Lemon Butter and/or Peach Jam.

mygirl said...

anything with coconut,yum!!!
jam and coconut slice
toasted marshmallow
coconut slice
Anzac bix
Merry Xmas

Natalie said...

In the old fashioned Australian shearer style...Ready to go at 12pm on the dot
Jelly Slice (red jelly only)
Honey Joys
Coconut Ice
Simplicity chocolate cake
Rum Balls

Lauren said...

oh it's gotta be
1. Pavlova...with NO cream! just strawberries!
2. Cold rock cake (all ice cream with lots of lollies mixed in!)
3. Lammingtons
4. Cupcakes
5. caramel slice

YUMMMM now I want some! :) a very happy Christmas to you and your family x

Alison said...

Ooh how lovely.

At stalls or fete's, I always look for yo yo's (melting moment's) they are just scrummy.

Five Fave's
1.Yo yo's
2.Lemon slice
3.Truffles - I'm making these today for friends
4.Sponge jam & cream filled- how's the serenity
5.Carrot cake

There goes the diet

kathy said...

1. Passionfruit sponge with cream
2. Jelly slice
3. Yo Yo's
4. Honey Joys
5. Ginger Fluff sponge with cream

How do I choose just 5??
At the local stall I usually aim for any of the above or a jar of lemon curd (to have with my pav!)
Merry Christmas!
x Kath

Paula said...

Hi. My favourites are

Chocolate Crackles

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and thanks for your delightful blog.


laura mitchell. said...

hello there!

after spending most of my life in england eating all sorts of traditional sweets, i have to say i was happy to return to these aussie favourites...

1. Women's Weekly TRIFLE, the brit's don't quite understand the importance of aeroplane jelly!
2. ANZAC BISCUITS, you'll never find them better anywhere else.
3. ROCK CAKES float my boat!
4. Belinda Jeffrey's BANANA CAKE kicks butt everytime!
5. CHOCOLATE CRACKLES, copha never tasted soooo good!

Merry Christmas.

a said...

What a wonderful thread (prize or no prize). I'm getting hungry just reading it. mmm

I love (in no particular order)
scones with jam and cream
lemon slice
butterfly cakes
fairy bread!!!
and anything with chocolate involved

Merry Christmas everyone

suse12 said...

what a great giveaway; I always remember making toffees sprinkled with hundreds and thousands,with my mum to take to our own schhol fete. I love to buy the little patty cakes and the choc biscuit slice with choc icing spinkled with coconut.

Breeby said...

I love a homemade toffee or toffee apple, banana cake, pavlova is a must at any australia day party, hedgehog slice with scotch finger biscuit base, truffle balls and a floretine or two. great giveaway. x

Emma said...

What a lovely giveaway! Picking 5 is really tough though.

1. Lemon slice
2. Weetbix slice
3. Butterfly cakes
4. Coconut ice (not sure if this counts as a slice)
5. Peppermint slice

(highly commended include apple slice, marble cake and caramel slice)

Betty Jo said...

Here's two from Grandma Merle
Sponge (never found better)
Trifle (no booze though, sponge soaked in fruit juice)
And three from Peggy (mum)
Choc coconut slice,
Honey joys,
Lemon slice.

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