Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Friends make it

A long, chatty visit to new friends in Ballarat and their cute baby boy over the best (and I mean best) made coffee today

A night out with the girls; such fun that we all plan to do it again and soon

Christmas lunch with friends of 17 years and their extended family; wine, crackers, roast veggies, and going home with a large parcel of Love Cake

An old friend of Paul's from uni days with her new husband visiting for lunch tomorrow

Blog friends pop into our shop, from WA, Queensland and farther; we really appreciate this

Pizza and wine with local pals who have recently returned from a trip to Japan and have funny stories to tell

A faux pas - on a very dear friend's Christmas Card we have put the name of her old boyfriend and not her new guy who we have met and love (luckily she is an old friend and it becomes cause for a laugh)

'Open house' for six to eight-year-olds - lots of boys playing happily and noisily with their friends

Checking in with my favourite blogs and finding out what everyone's been doing over the holiday

Old neighbours living in Berlin send a photo in their Christmas card; they are having a new baby in January, a little sister for James

Late night phone calls; giggles; 'in jokes'; someone's favourite chocolates; board games, discovering things in common; friends make Christmas special, especially when you are living far from your family. I hope it has been a happy time for you too. x


m.e (Cathie) said...

that's a lovely post Allison!
hope you & your family have a fabulous new year ♥

yardage girl said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post too. Have a wonderful new year celebration and a brilliant 2010! Nic xx

Frances said...

Coming up to see your lovely shop tomorrow! can't wait!