Monday, 14 December 2009

Some Good Things

Last week was the best week in ages. I mean it, I have had so much fun, I actually feel normal again after the past few weeks of stress and colds and tiredness. Friends, food, family, fun at work, it has been nice! Here are some things that made my week...

1. Hanging out with Mandy and Russ while they were visiting Daylesford. I loved hearing their funny stories about neighbours and supermodels. We ate a scrumptious dinner at my favourite local restaurant.

And we lunched at Cliffys. Have you seen the new Chinotto from the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co? Like their flavoured mineral waters, it has a really pretty label, can you see the tiny red hearts?

2. Receiving my package from Selina's vintage sheet swap. There are so many cute prints I haven't seen before, I can't wait to put them to good use.

3. Going to Melbourne to see friends and attend fancy PR Christmas drinkies in a lovely Spanish bar.

4. Bookshopping.

5. Seeing my knitted Christmas decoration on the front page of the Herald-Sun!

6. Visiting a few of our favourite Melbourne stockists to wish them a happy Christmas.

7. Eating Turkish food. Again. Always my favourite, except for Lebanese food which I love even just slightly more.

8. Watching my kids write their letters to Santa and getting all excited (me, that is!).

9. Launching a lovely new handmade label from Melbourne in our shop (I'll tell you more about it later).

10. Creating a new website at last for the Daylesford Makers Market, thanks to a clever friend.

11. Seeing my kids fall asleep on a long car journey. Aah!

12. Making great progress with a new business venture for 2010.

13. Washing my collection of vintage Christmas pillowcases, ready for Santa to fill with pressies.

14. Discovering an ace new café ('The Estelle') in Northcote High Street. It is the most beautiful space, simply fitted out with an early 1960s styling, so beautiful and full of little details. Lovely staff, croissants with the best homemade jam. Love it. Oh, and they for some reason had strings of knitted sausages hanging on one wall, just my cup of tea!

15. Smelling the rain.

And lots of other things I have already told you about or don't have any photos of - old friends having their first baby, lovely gifts in the post, losing more weight, sending off my Christmas pressies to the UK at last (phew!), some nice words about our business, an abundance of courgettes in the garden, pretty Christmas cards, an op shop score and my son telling me that he thinks I am a really good singer (anyone who has heard me sing will laugh at this point, I have the worst singing voice in the world and have only ever once in my life - very memorably - sung in tune).

Hope you had a jolly good week too! xx


Clara said...

How lovely - all of it! I am so glad you are feeling less stressed and getting excited about Christmas. I hope you continue to enjoy the season!

yardage girl said...

What a lovely post, and thanks for the mention! I hope this week is just as good for you! Nicole xx

Maggie May said...

such joy!

Jodie said...

What beautiful week !

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Lovely post. You have the prettiest office chair ever! xx

Emma said...

Hi Alison, ok #1: How awesome is it that your Christmas tree was on the front page of the Sun?! I would be beside myself if that was one of my products. #2 - Your chair cover is to die for, that fabric is unreal. #3 - Me and my siblings have vintage (well I'm sure they were new when we got them in the 70's-80's) Christmas santa sacks/pillowcases which I can't wait to put out under the tree at my Mum's...yes I am 23 years old...

Hey Bambini said...

such a lovely week! l must vist 'estelle cafe' on the high st! x

Janice said...

What a good news week story! You make me happy just reading it.

hausfrau said...

Lovely shop, lovely post. Thanks for all that Christmas cheer, infectious isn't it?

sarah said...

oh! this post has made me sad! I'm an ex-pat from Melbourne, and living in Ireland, your post is lovely, but made me a little homesick.. especially seeing your washing drying out in the sun, and thinking of smelling the rain in Australia. Very different to here! Melbourne is fab. Sigh.!

AnastasiaC said...

great pics - looks like some fun and busy days there!!