Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Stop working... the new Frankie is here!

Gorgeous as ever, so exciting to see lovely people like Natalie and Ben, sweet craft project by Pip , lovely collections, fashion, craft, mmm, I could go on for ever but I'm off to read it with my morning cuppa in the sunshine! x

PS Love the feature spread on badges and brooches! You will spot a few of my creations, alongside lots of other lovely girls including Lyndsay, Bec, Geniene, Pip, Beci, Anna Laura, Lou and Sonia (you'll have to buy the mag to get all the links!), yay Frankie for supporting crafty girls!


Daneve said...

Oh I am heading out today and getting it, I LOVE THIS MAG!! Thanks for sharing a bit of it.. I hope the new designs I am working on will one day be on that Badge of Honour heheh. I am heading to Melbourne on Friday and I really wanted to come visit the Lark but is a tad far from LyLidale..
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas.
xo Daneve

Michelle said...

Oh this is excellent! I do love Frankie. I commented on someone else's blog the other day that I have so many brooches that I would have to have a broochapalooza one day and wear a brooch a day!

Beach Vintage said...

Where's my keys? Off I go.

Little Shop of Handmade said...

Awwww look at my little Sweety Owl Brooch! Alongside all my fave brooch makers too! Thanx Allison for the preview - have been sooooo dying to see the feature

Stay Cute
Little Shop

Jessie said...

I wish I could get my hands on a copy here!! Looks fab!

drey said...

oooh i just stumbled on your blog, loving it (i'm fellow-melbourne) and i can't wait to open my last-night-bought copy of Frankie