Sunday, 13 December 2009

The way to a Lark's heart...

... is most definitely through her stomach!

When I first met Mr P. many years ago he wooed me with his delicious cooking. England in the late 1980s was a very poor place in culinary terms (very different from today), and he came from multicultural Melbourne to tempt me with Turkish, Lebanese, Mexican, Korean and Vietnamese food. I was hooked! Then when our children came along he taught himself to make delicious handmade bread and big, homely Italian dishes, to nurture our little family.

He is still the best and most adventurous home cook that I know. On sunny Sundays like today, when we have a bit of time to craft and cook and bake, he always comes up with something good. Tonight it was cacik (Middle-Eastern yoghurt-based soup), spiced cauliflower on couscous, and courgettes with toasted almonds, most of which came from our own veggie patch.

All I had to do was pick the herbs and pour the wine. Mmm, I like! x


Beky said...

You know I was just thinking. I want to live at your house. :-) All this food, country living etc. Wow, wow and wow.
Hey I was just thinking, down the track, you could connect a cafe to 'The Lark' shop, and your husband could do all the wonderful cooking. :-) :-)

Niki said...

A girl after my own heart.
I have a great hubby too & lots of boys. The hubster makes a mean chicken laska & seafood to die for. Looks so divine. I have followed your blog since I saw your home in a magazine.
Without sounding like a stalker, we are coming in the new year to look at a few properties in Daylesford on my brothers recomendation.
It seems a beautiful place. My first stop is your delightful shop.

Little Shop of Handmade said...


Alison Gibbs said...

Om my - he is a great catch - lucky you. You had the best job pouring wine and collecting herbs!!LOL

Amanda said...

Any more like him at home? Sounds like the perfect man.
Love your blog.
Amanda x

Sweet Pea said...

Yum!!! Could he post the recipe's on your blog?!