Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Teapot Cafe, Ballan

Ballan is a small town about 30 mins away from us. It is a pretty sleepy place, but it has this rather eccentric and lovely cafe. I think it is called the Teapot Cafe, certainly it is filled with teapots. I love the jumble of op shop decor inside and Gaudi-esque mosaics in the garden. Great cups of tea too, love, love, love this place! Just when you think it couldn't get any better the lady tells you they have a vintage clothing shop in the back room! I spotted an original 1950s skirt for $8!

(ps sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I didn't have my camera so these are from my phone).

5 minutes in an op shop.

It's 11.06am. Your friends are arriving on the 11.11 train. The op shop near the station is open and looks tempting. You have exactly five minutes. What do you do?

Me, I go in and head straight for the linens, or what we in Australia quaintly call 'Manchester'. Today I found three small sheets in this vintage fabric that I have been collecting. I don't know much about it but you quite often see it in oppys - I have been trying to get enough to make a quilt for my son's room. It's really groovy.

Also these unusual linen place mats with sheep on, good for the kids.

And a cute vintage pinny. I love these!

Next I ALWAYS head for the children's books. Actually this is my favourite section but I go to the linens first because there is more competition for nice linens, tee hee! I found this little batch of vintage books, including a lovely edition of Sleeping Beauty that I haven't come across before.

That's my five minutes up! If I had more time I would next go to the bric a brac, then to the craft books and habadashery, then lastly to the clothes, which are not so much my thing. What is your oppy shopping pattern?

Monday, 30 March 2009

St Jude's Notebooks

How gorgeous are these? They are the work of St Jude's Modern British in Norfolk, and feature the work of the work of Angie Lewin, Mark Hearld, Jonny Hannah and Old Town.

I especially love Angie Lewin's prints, I have some of her Dandelion fabric and am a big fan of her work.

Speaking of gorgeousness, my friend and I are off to the launch of the Meet Me at Mike's book tonight. Tea and cakes with lots of lovely crafty people, can't wait!

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Today was such a hot day! The market went well, a bit quieter than last time but I guess that's to do with the time of year.

Steph's face-painting stall was gorgeous. She has granny blankets, toadstool cushions and lots of cute little vintage accessories! She turned out some awesome owls, butterflies and spiders!

Lots of friends popped in to say Hi - it was especially nice to see fellow blog girls Dana, Leslie and Jodie!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pack a Picnic!

The weather is going to be just perfect over here in Daylesford tomorrow, a pleasant 24 degrees, just right for a jolly drive to the country and perhaps a picnic and a spot of shopping! Do please visit our little Makers' Market for lots of handmade goodness for yourself, your kids, home and friends.

Digital Wallpaper

Oh, how much I love these new digitally-printed wallpapers from Cath Kidston, based on vintage designs. The one with the pram would look excellent in my hallway. I can't afford them, sadly. Maybe I could have some of my own printed here in Australia. Does anyone know how to do this? x


Spent a lazy morning in Trentham with my family.

We went over to visit Robyn and Guy's new shop Wholeground, which has lots of cute things for babies and children, best of all they are all fair trade!

It's also a nice little cafe as well, with organic and fair trade coffees.

There is also a nice little oppy in Trentham, very old-school, and only open Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Afterwards we went for hot chocolates at Red Beard bakery, which I have written about several time in this here blog as it is one of my favourite places in our part of the country. At the moment they are making the best hot cross buns, yum!

Friday, 27 March 2009

This week's Belle and Boo illustration

Wow, it's Friday again already! This week I am choosing 'Hello Chick' as my favourite illustration from the Belle & Boo range. I am lucky enough to be selling these lovely artworks in Australia on behalf of London-based artist Mandy Sutcliffe.

'Hello Chick' features Belle and her bunny friend Boo, who have come across a friendly little chick on their travels. It is very sweet, and for me it is a perfect Easter print, as it represents innocence, Spring (in the Northern hemisphere!) and new life.

As well as the prints, 'Hello Chick' is also available as a sweet badge on a little card. I will have the badges and lots of other locally-made Belle & Boo pieces on my stall at the Daylesford Makers' Market this Sunday. Please come and say hello!

'Hello Chick' art print is available here or from selected stockists. You can find the badges here.

Sew A Bunny!

Just arrived in our shop, the newest cute tin designed by the lovely Fiona at Dumpling Dynasty. The Easy Sew Bunny Kit has everything kids (or you) need to make this sweet felt bunny. Just look at her pretty dress and the heart-shaped nose! The felt pieces have pre-cut needle holes and a safety needle is included, so the kits really are suitable for young 'uns learning to sew. There is a little notebook to record the adventures of your bunny, and the pretty tin can be re-used.

I am going to be giving this sweet kit as an Easter gift to lots of my favourite little people. It's available for $29.95 by mail or from Lark stockists. I'll also have them on my stall at the Daylesford Makers' Market this Sunday.

Here's one I made earlier!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mums who blog

Sitting down with a cuppa and some new magazines. There is a good article in this month's Australian Parents about mums with blogs, including interviews with SouleMama and Rummage .

Our bathroom

A photographer and his assistant came over this morning to photograph our family bathroom for an interiors magazine. I am quite fond of this bathroom, it is mainly a room for the kids and visitors so we've made it quite quirky and not at all grown-up. There is a sort of vintage seaside feel to it, also it is where we keep old Famous Five adventure books and part of our family collection of Fisher Price toys. Here are a few snapshots I took myself - taking advantage of having a clean and tidy bathroom for once. The magazine article wont be out for months yet, I think it's just going to be a small piece, part of a feature on favourite rooms. Some of the photos they took feature me and the kids so we might well make a (reluctant) appearance.

It's here!

I received my advance copies of the Meet Me at Mikes book today. It is so nicely designed, a joy to look at. Here is a shot of my project for Teeny Tiny Baby Shoes - it's the first one in the book! I was so excited to get back all the little shoes I made too. There are so many lovely crafty projects in the book that I want to have a go at - but I'm not going to spoil it for you - the book will be in the shops next week!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Homemade guitar

Day trip to Bendigo

Steph and I spent the whole day in Bendigo today - in the name of work of course! It's a pretty city, and I can't help but like it as it's the town where my lovely Paul grew up.

We wandered around lots of op shops and pretty places, also found a great cafe called El Beso opposite the art gallery. Bought lots of nice old linens and children's books. Steph is collecting crochet granny blankets to make a cover for her sofa and we found heaps.

Steph also bought a cute 1960s dress from a shop called Doris.

The main purpose of our visit was to drop some Lark stuff off at our new stockist, Bob Boutique.

This is a totally great shop, stuffed with crafty and sweet things - 80% Australian made! We chatted for ages with lovely Sonia, who owns the shop and makes lots of the things herself. If you are around - pop in on 18 April as they are having a 'Bob Day', with 20% off everything for members - you just have to sign up.

Sonia was one of the first stockists of Belle & Boo in Australia.

One of the rooms houses regular exhibitions by emerging artists and crafters.

Sonia sells ranges by lots of local crafters, including the lovely Drink Me Alice.

The Bob website is currently down following a nasty virus so you have to visit the store in person, but it is well worth it! 17 Williamson Street Bendigo, inside the old Shamrock Hotel. Call 03 5444 3522.

This is another reason for our visit - I was picking up this fab vintage Sunbeam Mixer. I had one of these a while ago and it made excellent cakes so I thought I would try again. We'll still use our beloved '70s Kenwood for bread and biscuits. I'll report back when I've had a chance to make a cake with it.

So we headed home, the car stuffed with nice things and our hearts happy after all the lovely things we found at Bob.