Monday, 31 August 2009


Just arrived in our webshop today, love love love it! We have been playing with it all afternoon. It's here!


The new Springtime issue of Thaw is out now. It is full of gorgeous writing and photography, and lots of crafty stuff including a piece by Steph and a little interview with yours truly. Buy it, and support local craft and lovely zines!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Country People, we need you!

Did you know that I am one of the organisers of the Daylesford Maker's Market? We launched it last year to give crafters and designers from around our region a great design market equal to the best city craft markets, and it has been so popular that we are going to be running it every month from the beginning of 2010.

Held in the beautiful Daylesford town hall, the market features talented makers from all across Central Victoria, and we also have two guest spots at each event for Melbourne crafters.

We are applying for some funding that will help us to grow and promote the market into something really special. However, there are currently only 3 of us, and so we are looking for more people to join the market organisers and help us to run it throughout the year. The market is a non-profit event, so we can't pay you, but you'll get to have fun and meet lots of great crafty peeps along the way.

If you love craft and can donate a few hours of time each month we'd love to hear from you. Whatever your skill is - organising, baking, publicity, drawing, bookkeeping, writing, decorating, photography, climbing up high ladders, talking to people on the street etc. - we need you! Please email

And if you are interested in joining as a stallholder, applications have just opened for the Christmas market on November 28th. Email us for an application!

London Vintage is here!

I've been dying to get my hands on the brand new hot-off-the-press Paumes book, London Vintage. When the new shipment of books arrived today I was ripping open the boxes to get at it. And I wasn't disappointed, it's a gorgeous and colourful guide to vintage stores, fleamarkets and charity shops, including several of my favourites. We have a box full of these and I have just put it in our web shop here.

PS I forgot to say - although there is some text in Japanese, all of the directions and opening times are in English, so you would have no problems using this as a travel guide, and for general inspiration of course!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

But What About The Budgerigars?

In March 2008 thieves broke into an aviary in a park in Gloucester UK and stole over 100 birds - mainly finches and cockatiels. But the park's budgerigars were left untouched.

This mini-book from Aviary Press, produced on an antique letterpress, contains the full press release. It also includes several original drawings of the budgies (who were so regretfully, or perhaps luckily, left behind).

Holly Farrell

Yesterday I opened the latest Frankie and gasped at her paintings.

Today I downloaded the latest Small magazine and gasped again.

It's love! See more here.

Monday, 24 August 2009


These gorgeously retro felt cases for iPhones and cameras. Found on Babyology and available here (although they apparently sell out quickly).

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fortuitous Bubble Bath Heart

I left the boys in the bathroom with the bath running while I went in search of clean pyjamas. Then I heard 'Mum, Mum, there's a love heart in the bath!'.

I'm posting this to Angela's Fortuitous Heart Heart Flickr Pool. Have a look at this group - it will make you start seeing hearts everywhere!

I Heart Sundays!

Breakfast. I'm not a big eater in the mornings.

Sunday Market with my son. Found a shadow box and this old roses sack.

Also these old metal plant stands, a steal at $5 each. They are just what I have been looking for to prettify the new shop front!

This sculpture is outside a house on the walk home from the market.



Lunch - pa amb tomaquet. It's basically a bruschetta-y type of thing but done in the Catalan style. I know that sounds fancy but I don't care as it is delicious and lazy and it reminds us of our good friends in Spain who taught us how to make it. Toast your bread (ciabatta is best), brush a cut-open clove of garlic over it, squeeze on a ripe tomato (pips and juice), followed by a drizzle of good olive oil and some sea salt. Then spoon on some fresh goat's cheese. Mmm.

Bush walk

Muddy and tired dog comes home from bush walk

Reading foodie magazines. I love Donna for the pretty pics, but Jamie is my fave as it is a bit more radical and really good to read (if a bit 'branded').

More baking. Just as well, because a friend popped in unexpectedly.

Now I am going to tidy up the veggie garden, then watch Paul make dinner (carrot frittatas), have a large glass of wine, put the kids to bed and watch a movie. With some craft or cutting out to keep my hands busy.

Aren't Sundays the best? I work a lot during the week, so I really, really appreciate them. I hope you're having a lovely day too. x

Friday, 21 August 2009

End of the week

Gosh, it's Friday already, where did the week go? Here's what I've been doing...

Op-shopping for vintage sheets.

Catching up with old friends over lunch in Castlemaine.

Enjoying the spring blossoms, as seen here on display at the lovely Hepburn General Store.

Taking advantage of some sunshine to get the outside of our soon-to-be shop painted.

And today I received the most incredible news, I have been nominated for something really good. I still can't believe it. I'll tell you next week! x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mmm... tempting

I am planning a bit of a splurge from the new Cath Kidston catalogue. I love some of the new products, but their shipping rates to Australia are astronomical so if anyone is interested in sharing the shipping cost with me, please get in touch (email allison Luckily for us Aussies, the exchange rate is very much in our favour right now so it's finally affordable to get a bit of Cath Kidston goodness over here. This messenger bag and the cute apple mugs are definitely on my list, along with lots of fabric for my stash.

The whole knitted story...

Knit The City, the peeps behind the knitted London phone box in my last post, have contacted me. You can read the full story of the knitted phone box here, with exciting tales of police searches and pints of strawberry beer...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Thanks, Wee Birdy, for these great London images!

Monday, 17 August 2009

This is where I live! Daylesford Commercial

The new advertising campaign for Tourism Victoria, starring Daylesford. Not quite what it's like to live here day-to-day, but a stunning commercial I think! Doesn't Isabel Lucas look gorgeous? We are lucky to live in this beautiful place and I for one am grateful that we receive so many visitors as it brings a lot of diversity to the town.

Waiting for Telstra

We have been without internet for a WHOLE WEEK! Can you imagine? I have been dependent on my iPhone and an old dial-up connection that took me back to the 1990s. As a distraction I went out to buy some magazines and to chat to Merrilyn at Threadneedle Craft. She is opening a huge new craft shop right in the centre of town in September.

Belle & Boo is featured in Cream this month. I also had a coffee with Dana, we talked craft, vintage fabrics, kids and parents. I came home to find that we are BACK ON THE AIR! I am not getting too excited in case it is just a temporary fix, but it feels good.

Tote Sweet

I am a big fan of cotton tote bags - I use them for library bags, shopping, taking mail to the post office, sleepovers, I can never have enough of them.So I am starting a new line of screenprinted totes for Lark, and here is the first one...

... because I truly do love op shops, and if you're going to be a green shopper you might as well go all the way! The new bags are a nice rounded shape with a half-gusset and they are sweatshop-free. Even better, they are only $10, as I think totes should be cheap and cheerful, shouldn't they? The first batch has just arrived and is available here. Look out for more designs coming soon.

P.S international readers: an op shop is the Aussie version of a charity shop or thrift store. And we love 'em!

Feel-good Sunday

The rain washed away our plans to go to the Sunday Market yesterday, so we stayed in and baked instead.

A yummy homemade calzone.

And a delicious chocolate cake to share with friends.

Thanks for all your comments and emails about the chocolate drive. It was nice to make our own fair trade chocolate cake and talk about the issues as a family. I'd like to say that we always eat fair trade chocolate, and of course we don't, but we are doing our best. It was so great to know that I am not alone in caring about this and feeling like the 'odd parent'. I was also really pleased to find out that quite a few other parents in our school opted out too. I don't usually write 'topical' posts and I felt a bit anxious after I wrote it - certainly I wouldn't wish to imply that the people involved are not nice and well-meaning people as they certainly are, however I just feel so strongly that marketing to kids is wrong, and that fundraising drives don't have to be unethical and unhealthy. So thank you - and I'm sending you a piece of virtual cake! x

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Who Lives in a house like this?

We do! Our home is featured on Apartment Therapy today. Take a peek! If you click on the Enter House Tour link, there are lots more photos on another page.

While I did of course tidy up a little, not much 'styling' or staging went on for the shoot, partly because we are so busy at the moment with our recent trade fair and having no internet for a week (thanks a bunch, Telstra).

Ro came to do the photos just a few days ago and I was so excited when I saw them, I really love his work (have you seen Ro and Kim's mag, Thaw?).

Our home is not a very grand place with stunning architectural features, nor is it fitted out with designer furniture and expensive surfaces. It's just an old weatherboard full of stuff that our family loves and collects, so I hope you like it.

If you look carefully you might spot handmade goodies from a few fellow crafters like...

Kitschen Pink
Belle & Boo
Wee Wonderfuls

and lots of Etsy finds.

The 'granny squares' lamp in my son's bedroom was a gift from Stav of My Messy Room

If you have found our blog through Apartment Therapy, hello and thanks for visiting our little corner of the world!

Friday, 14 August 2009

We've been busy...

Lots of new things are being made here at Lark just now, these are some of my newest additions... knitted gnomes (in soft toys and mini baby toys), Mrs Duck toys in little vintage headscarves, and our own granny squares crochet blankets. They are all available at the Lark shop .