Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy Australia Day

I hope you are having a nice Australia Day, even if you're not in Australia, but just maybe an Australian living somewhere else.

It's been perfect weather here today and I've been enjoying a quiet day at home. Paul had to go into work (there's never a day off when you run a small business), so I invited over a lovely local friend who is also a small business widow. We had a picnic outside and chatted for hours while our kids played. I made some Lamington cupcakes, to be patriotic!

As someone who has migrated five times (yes, five!) between Australia and Europe I sometimes feel a bit caught between cultures. I frequently find myself thinking how nice it would be if I could just move Australia a bit closer, close enough to pop over to Europe for the weekend, then I could have the best of both worlds, visiting my mum and best friend, stocking up on goodies at decent supermarkets (grrr), catching up on good TV then coming home to the warm weather and our busy but very easygoing life here. For today I am happy to be in Australia, it's been a great place for our family, giving us the opportunity to live in a pretty place and grow a business that we love, which we could never have afforded to do in the UK. And it's sunny outside and the lamington cupcakes are good! xx


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh sweet, we had lamingtons too. I was alone with the children (trust me the Army is more demanding on my husband than my small business on me!!) so we had a simple BBQ too. Those lamington cup cakes are ADORABLE & perhaps a little less messy than square ones. Love Posie

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I made the square messy ones but they were yummy. I too feel very grateful to be in such a rich and chirpy, healthy country such as Australia. xx

Not Perfect But Nice said...

Oh thankyou for mentioning the bit "Australians living elsewhere" (Do you know many?) I'll be making lamingtons to celebrate with my english class students tonight ;)
Lately I've been dreaming of Australia , big gumtrees with hundreds of cockatoes making a happy noise and warm even scorching sunshine! I would love to pop over for a while ,if i had the money to move my family of 7 I would propose to you a house swap! We live in the north of France that's not too far from England!!! Only 2 hours to London on the Eurostar :)
Looking forward to hearing more of your new endeavour.......the coffee shop! What are you going to call it?