Wednesday, 20 January 2010

More foxes

Michelle sent me a link to this ace Fox Plush by Sara Carr.

And in our own shop I found Fox cards by two of my favourite designers, Darling Clementine and Solitaire.

Also found out that Rohan predicted the rise of the Fox against the Owl last year, so there is definitely something in this!

I Love Lyndsay's Fox Brooch too!


Sarah-Jo said...

aww that fox plush is super cute!

check out this foxy sweater from friends couture over at frocks and frou frou
its very cool!

Betty Jo said...

I can see why your mad about foxes!
We saw Fantastic Mr. Fox yesterday and absolutely LOVED it.
I made a little fox cub brooch you can see over here..

prashant said...

What a lovely post from a lovely blogger too! Nic xx

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zofia said...

Too cute! There's a lot of fox love at the moment!

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, so many fox finds, amazing how they can all be so different. Love them all, love Posie