Thursday, 11 February 2010


A big blog hello to Katy and her lovely family who are visiting Australia from the UK and came to Daylesford especially to pop into Lark and say Hello! It's always nice to hear a British accent, and have a natter about old blighty (and ye olde kids TV programmes like Pippin and The Herbs). We have a lovely friend in common. Katy went away with a Sleepy Lion pillow made by Dana. We have one of these in our house and when the boys are a bit restless I put some 'magic potion' (lavender) on his cheeks to make him extra sleepy!


Handmade in Israel said...

How wonderful to have a special visitor! It's always great to catch up on 'Blighty talk' isn't it?

Posie Patchwork said...

Happy days for you Allison, how delightful!! Cute cushion, my boy is into lions, for obvious name reasons!! Love Posie

DevonHedgerows said...

Great to see Katy in your lovely shop and pleased that she was able to generate some nostalgia for the UK. Suppose she told you that the lion was for the kids - oh yea! We still have a large collection of her childhood Teddy Bears as lodgers.
The family seem to be having a great time in Australia - pretty cold here (2 oC) in Devon at present.
All the best
Katy's Mum & Dad

thebutterflycollector said...

hi Alison! I love my sister's Lion's! Hoping she adds some more animals soon too! Coming up soon and will drop in, it will be great to visit again! Shae xo

Donna said...

Ohhhhh it's my Katy. She told me she was looking forward to meeting you. Hope you had a lovely time together. She is a gorgeous lady :-)