Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Opening Hours

The Lark Shop is open for Easter!

Friday 2 April 10.30-4.00
Saturday 3 April 10.30-4.00
Sunday 4 April 10.30-4.00
Monday 5 April 10.30-4.00

at 4a Duke Street, Daylesford. We're quite hard to find as we're off the main street so please check our map before you leave.

The Daylesford Makers Market is on Saturday 3 April, 10.00-3.00 in the Town Hall. We'll have 50 Makers, it's going to be great!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Goodbye, old friend

Our mixer has died. Our beautiful, beloved 1970s Kenwood Chef, which you can see above in its glory days. It's a family heirloom and we have loved it and looked after it over the years, buying it all sorts of lovely accessories like a wheat mill and a liquidiser. Nothing makes bread and cakes like it - I've tried a vintage Sunbeam (too noisy), an expensive new Magimix (blah)! It has served us so well, but last weekend someone (ahem) covered it with a teatowel so that icing sugar wouldn't spray out everywhere and she turned away for a second and the tea towel got caught up in the beaters and the gears ground to a halt. We're going to try and get it fixed somehow, but for the moment I am mixer-less.

Unlike my friend Ro who is famed in Daylesford for her cakes. She has this beautiful old Kenwood that is in super condition. Look at it - it even has a special cover so that you don't need to cover it with a tea towel(!). But Ro doesn't use it for her much-admired cakes, she makes them by hand. So this morning, with another friend and her kids coming over to play, and an urge to make butterfly cakes, I realised I would have to mix the cakes and whip cream by hand. It was fun, but gee my arm hurts. I don't think I'll be doing this permanently!

I used Bee's homemade jam with the whipped cream.

Here is the finished result. They tasted pretty good (not that I can eat many as I am back on my weight watching at last).

These colourful cups have made up a little bit for the demise of the Kenwood! And because they are melamine I can just let the kids serve themselves - we have four boys over at the moment, it''s a bit crazy!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Swap Card Heaven

We went to my friend's house for tea a few days ago. While the kids were running around on an Easter egg hunt and the guys were talking about computers, my friend brought out her swap card collection to show me. Did you collect swap cards as a child? I don't think we had them in the UK, I only heard about them when we moved to Australia.

She collected them avidly as a girl, and she has carefully preserved them over the years, so her cards are in the most pristine condition I have seen.

And look how many she has, this is only a fraction!

These are some of my favourites.

There are quite a few I have never seen before.

Don't you love people who are passionate about their collections? I think it is my favourite thing in a person. What do you collect?

Monday, 29 March 2010

Rice is Nice

Did you know that we now have a Rice shop on the Lark website? I have been a big fan of this Danish brand since I was living in Cambridge - there was a gorgeous shop called Ark that had lots of Rice things. I love their colourful, happy-go-lucky vibe. They are also ethically made. Have a little peep at the shop, we have melamine cups and plates in pretty colours, birdhouse kitchen timers, flower-shaped sponges and lots of other things that will brighten up this dreary day. The Rice shop is HERE !

Sunday, 28 March 2010

This Week's Five Faves

My Five Faves this week have been...

1. These cute moss bunnies. The boys gave them to their teachers as end-of-term gifts and I've kept some to decorate the table at an Easter lunch party we're planning.

2. Robobob, the dual-action robot who cooks and cleans but is also ready for war. Jacob made him for his homework project this week and I reckon he's pretty good (wish he could clean my house!).

3. Vintage wallpaper at RetoVilla . Oh my.

4. A long lunch with a group of lovely Daylesford people. Home made beer, home made pizza, and we came away with apples and a huge jar of Sarah and Geoff's olives. I love how it is the custom around here to grow your own food and share your harvest!

5. Nancy's blog. It's always full of such pretty things.

Why don't you join in Five Faves at Meet Me at Mikes here?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ellen G

I really LOVE this brand new collection from NZ illustrator Ellen G. It includes kitchenwares, stationery and accessories. I have ended up keeping one of nearly everything for myself!

I think the recipe box has to be my favourite. It reminds me of the one my mum used to have, I'm going to put some of our recipes in it to start a hand-me-down recipe file for one day when I'm a nanna!

Makers Market

Come to Daylesford for a lovely Easter weekend!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pizza and Cath

I love our new pizza maker. We can't afford the huge brick bread oven that we'd really like so for now we're happy with our new mini oven. It makes incredibly tasty pizzas, I am impressed!

And I also love my two new Autumn tops that a friend sent me from the UK. Cath Kidston, of course, they are so nice to wear!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Belle & Boo Update

There are lots of wonderful developments at Belle & Boo at the moment...

Firstly we have these GORGEOUS cushions. They come in four seasonal designs and the beautiful Boo rabbit, each of which features delightful hand-embroidered details and pretty fabrics. We almost sold out of the first run at Life in Style, they were very popular, so we only have a few in our shop.

Cards, notebooks and wrap, perfect for little gifts.

A new range of pocket mirrors, handmade for Belle & Boo by Lark here in Australia.

And our sweet set of Tea Party Coasters, which come in a set of four tied with a pretty bow.

And have you seen the 'Let's Hug' Dress for tiny girls? This is also handmade in Australia.

Best of all, though, are three new art prints for winter.

Speaking of prints, there seem to be a few 'pretend' Belle & Boo prints popping up around Australia at the moment. Just to clarify, authentic Belle & Boo prints are only available at reputable shops (NOT at market stalls) and a print should cost you from $65 for a small print, up to $150 for a large print. 'Prints' costing around $30 are not the real thing, they are not signed by Mandy, they are cheaply printed or copied onto non-archival paper and they will neither last nor hold their value. Most importantly, unlike the authentic prints they are not handmade by Belle & Boo and the profits don't go back to the artist. Please get in touch with either Lark or Belle & Boo if you spot any potential fakes or have any questions about buying a print.

Getting back to the loveliness, we also have this wonderful sticky tape, to pretty up your parcels. How great is this??

You can find the full Belle & Boo range online at Lark or at independent retailers. When our Daylesford shop extension opens on 16 April we will also have the full range in-store.