Thursday, 11 March 2010

Good news, bad news and bunny dolls

The good news is that World Sweet World Issue 9 just arrived in our store. As usual it's a feast of great stuff, including how to make a bike trailer from plastic recycling bins, how to spin your own yarn, and how to sell your crafts online.

The very bad news is that this is the last ever issue, as the clever people behind it are going off to have a baby. Bah! So grab yourself a piece of their sustainable crafty goodness while you can.

I'm also quite taken with this new Bunny Doll tee from Beci Orpin's Tiny Mammoth range, which arrived today. Sorry, it is only for girls age 3-7, but I think it would make an excellent alternative Easter gift for a lucky (and very hip) little girl.


yardage girl said...

I too was so saddened to realise there would be no more lovely World Sweet World mags arriving in my letterbox - luckily they are going to keep their blog going so we can get a little dose of goodness there! I have loved peeking at what coming in to your store lately - must visit soon in real life! Nic xx

GemmaJoy said...

i just read their newsletter. How sad that this will be their last magazine

Posie Patchwork said...

What, don't they know MOST of us are in business because we have babies!!?? In the words of my gorgeous OB - "babies don't stop you from doing anything" too true, take it from a mother of 4 & business owner of 2 . . . babies START your life!! Love Posie

polly pratt said...

I just heard, how sad it will be missed.
On another note, can you recomend a nice but not too pricey place to stay for two nights, when we come down for next months market.

Anna x