Saturday, 6 March 2010


I was recently invited to write a regular craft column for Lost magazine, which is a local arts and events mag. The first of the regular 'Getting Crafty with Allison' articles came out yesterday. Yay! Each issue I am going to be interviewing a regional maker and the first interview is with Mel Lambourn who makes ace screen-printed t-shirts for her business St. Mel. I'm really excited about Lost, it's a great local mag and I'm looking forward to interviewing my craft heroes. I'm also about to write my first column for a new women's magazine that's being launched soon, very cool! I do like writing, it's not something I give much time to these days, although I once wrote two books for Lonely Planet, back in the days when I had time to write books. Do you like writing?


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

writing on my blog is the only writing i do these days, Handwriting is almost forgotten.

bee said...

Congrats, what a lovely new venture for you :) I used to love writing when I was in school - I think I may have been put-off when my nasty brothers 'broke in' to my diaries and read the entire lot hehe!

suze2000 said...

I would love to write, but alas, no talent. What I am good at is proof-reading though. I should do that for a living, haha.

I knew Mel though - used to live next door to her in St Kilda before she moved out to Daylesford. We keep meaning to head out to visit, but now that we live in the East of Melbourne, for some reason, it's easier to go to the Yarra Valley when we want a bit of country.

Note to self: Must Go To Daylesford. Soon.

Little Ted Canvas said...

That's such great news, well done to you! I do enjoy writing, it was my favourite thing to do as a child, but I've not really done much of son LOVES to write & his stories are amazing! We'd often have teachers 'checking up on things' as his stories were really very creative & teachers would have difficulty deciphering fact from fiction...a little concerning...

Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations, that's exciting. I wrote for Pregnancy & Birth then Mother & Baby magazines, guess i'm pretty good at making & raising babies. If it's your bag, it just flows so easily!! Writing craft is a bit more technical, i do like it though. Great work Allison, love Posie

gg said...




wanderingypsy said...

well done thats amazing I sell those books at work, i'd love to knwo which ones you wrote a friend of mine works for lonely planet as well, cheers