Saturday, 13 March 2010

To the Beach

Our eldest son spent Friday afternoon making this picture to give to us. We loved it, the little details like the sun on top of the 'i', the colourful little car and of course the message ('dear mum and dad, thank you for being awesome, fabulous parents'). We loved it so much that we determined there and then to throw a few things in the car and head to the beach today. We don't often make the effort, as it's a 2 hour drive, but it was well worth it.

We played around on the beach at Queenscliff. We took Jim along as it is a 'dog beach' and he made lots of new friends.

Afterwards I wandered around the main street of Queenscliff and I popped into a new handmade store called EK design. Really fantastic shop, full of Australian designers like Blue Ginger, Skulk of Foxes, Geniene Honey etc. I couldn't resist buying a couple of necklaces as a little treat for myself.

Then across the road for a cuppa before heading back to Daylesford.

Of course, being the bookish family that we are, we made a detour to our favourite second-hand bookshop (Barwon Books in Geelong) and came out with a big armful of books. The boys love to read on car journeys these days (so much easier than the toddler days!), and we listened to our favourite music all the way home and talked about some big plans we have. Back home now - Paul is making dinner, Jim is asleep in his kennel, the boys are lying on the sofa with their books and I'm sipping a glass of red. Bliss! Happy Saturday to you.


bee said...

What a completely gorgeous day you've had! It's important to take time out to do lovely things like this. A completely gorgeous drawing too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

That is all so lovely! I'm glad you made the impromptu journey to the beach today, weather perfect for a nice drive too. Love that picture, how do you not take a drive to the beach?!

susieqiloveyou said...

That sounds delightful. Its lovely to be spontaneous and just take off somewhere. Beautiful weather too.

Sheri Howard said...

That sea weed hair is simply "THE BEST!"

babygalah said...

What a perfect day! Makes me miss the home comforts of the Bellarine Peninsula and gorgeous Daylesford!
Enjoy your well deserved glass of red,
Cheers, Dee

Marcela G said...

love your blog!

one little acorn said...

I grew up in Point Lonsdale and was there on the weekend too! It was totally perfect wasn't it?
Worth the drive and so nice to do it last minute.