Monday, 31 May 2010

Rice! New season preview...

I've been sent a little preview of the new season's goodies from Rice in Denmark, these will be coming into store around August/September. I thought you might like to see them, as they are jut too gorgeous! You can find the current season goodies in our Rice shop.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ben from our web design company White Pixels sent this picture through of his brand new iPad - showing the Lark website of course! One of us in the Lark office REALLY wants an iPad, but it is in the queue behind a few other essential purchases so we might have to wait a little while.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Visit the Mini Lark Shop in Melbourne this weekend!

I'll be taking a mini version of the Lark Shop around Melbourne over the next few weeks, starting this Sunday in the foyer of Malvern Town Hall, as part of the fantastic Mathilda's Market.

If you haven't been able to get to our Daylesford shop yet, or if you need a good dose of cuteness, come along between 9am and 1pm to see a lovely selection of my favourite things...

Here's what you'll find in the Mini Shop:

Rice kitchenware in pretty colours
Lark knitted toys
Zines including Extra Curricular and Anorak
Blom paper flowers
Vintage Ladybird notebooks
Cath Kidston goodies
Felt cuckoo clocks
Cupcake wrappers
Little Beehive party invitations
And lots more!

I'll have some new things that haven't even made it into our web shop yet, like the cutest little kitten bowls, Cath Kidston sandwich boxes and some very sweet badges, plus of course there will be a few special offers but you'll need to come along to see what they are!

If there is something you would like me to bring to the market mini shop for you just let me know in advance. I hope to see you there. This is Lark's first foray out of Daylesford since last November, so you can be sure to find lots of fresh things. I'm very excited! xx

Lark Mini Shop @ Mathilda's Market
Sunday 30 June 9am-1pm
Malvern Town Hall

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Yesterday, my lovely girlfriend came over for tea, along with some coconut ice she made from the recipe in the Frankie Sweet Treats book. She is 6 weeks pregnant with her third child, I am so excited for her, she has the cutest family ever and they are all so excited about a new baby!

Later, I made some cupcakes for my other dear friend to thank her for looking after my boys and puppy while we flew to Sydney for an important meeting. Our vintage Kenwood is still awaiting repair, so I pulled out the old Sunbeam and I was really impressed with the results, I think it might actually beat the Kenwood for cakes. Ooh I do love vanilla cupcakes, I have heard one or two people saying recently that cupcakes have 'had their day', but blah to that, I've even heard people saying that the word 'lovely' is on the way out!!! I don't think so, you can never have too much loveliness in your life, especially when skies are grey.

Today was Jim's turn for a playdate, his girlfriend Pip (on the left) visited. Bliss! Don't they look quite the happy couple?

As for me, I popped into the oppy next to our building on a whim as I locked up for lunch and I found this vintage painted wooden breakfast tray for $5. It's going to feature in my market display this weekend.

But guess who climbed aboard while I was taking a photo?

Ok, so everything looks rosy in my week, but there have been very sad times too. I told you last year about some minor bullying that my youngest son was experiencing. It seems it has raised its ugly head again. The same boys, a different issue (this time it's not his long hair, it's the fact that he's only lost two teeth, go figure). He was in tears last night, his words were "I'm stupid, I'm odd, I'm six and I've only lost two teeth, no-one wants to play with me and everyone hates me". We've reassured him, hugged him, told him how wonderful and amazing he is, but what else can we do? It seems the only way some kids can deal with other people is by putting them down, I guess it is all to do with parenting. My older boy is thick-skinned, he's experienced similar behaviour from these same boys and he doesn't seem to care much what they think, but my little one is very sensitive. Made worse for me by the fact that he is SO quirky, wondrous and open to the world. It's heartbreaking. Any advice is welcome please.

I hope you are enjoying your week - don't forget to treasure your true friends and don't let anyone tell you what's 'in' or what's 'rad' or how you should be, just do what you love and be yourself. xxx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

One Day in Sydney

Yesterday I got up at 5.30 am. I dropped the kids and puppy off with some very kind friends and Paul and I flew to Sydney. We caught a taxi from the airport to a big building, spent a few hours in there and then caught a taxi back to the airport.

We ate noodles, drank some wine, bought a new cookbook and flew home. Picked up the kids and puppy, drove home through the forest and went to bed.

I would love to tell you about the middle of this long day, about what happened in the big building because it is VERY EXCITING, but unfortunately it's also top secret for the moment. All I can say is it's the start of something super special and beautiful, and you'll be the first to know about it.

(PS Mark if you are reading, thanks again for the tea and sandwiches!).

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cecily's Brownie Badges

When I posted about my enthusiasm for scout patches last week, I wasn't expecting such a big response, but I have received some lovely comments, letters and emails from people who have kept hold of their old scout and guide camp blankets. Wow! And today Cecily, one of the lovely stallholders from the Daylesford Makers Market, came into the shop to show me her old brownie and guide badges from the early 1980s, each of which she earned through her hard work and good deeds! I was enthralled and I just have to share them with you...

Tea-making and swimming (I am guessing).

More swimming, cleaning and geography.

First aid, writing and orientation?

High-jump, cooking and fire-starting, I presume.

Bee-keeping, knitting (yay!) and road safety.

Flower-arranging, photography and pole-vaulting (although Cecily's husband thinks it is for pole-dancing, hee hee!)

Yay, I want to be in the Brownies! Actually I did join for a while but I am not really a group kind of person so it didn't last long. I wish I had stayed, just to get the badges!

Hurrah! I would definitely like to be with Cecily if I got lost somewhere!

She even made it through to girl guides. Cecily claims her dedication comes from living in the middle of the bush and not having many other kids around, so she just threw herself into brownies and guides.

According to Australian Brownie law 'A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn everyday'. Thanks for doing us a good turn today Cecily by showing us your amazing collection!

Lisa Stickley at Debenhams

UK department store Debenhams have added the very ace Lisa Stickley to the group of young British designers who they commission to produce a range of homewares for their stores. The Lisa Stickley collection is gorgeous - read about it here and here. I wish Australian department stores would take a lead from the UK and start commissioning collections from local designers, can you imagine the possibilities?

Lisa's lovely vintage home was featured in Notebook magazine a few months ago, did you see it?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Giveaway winners

With all the puppy action going on around here, I forgot to announce the winners of my giveaway. Here are the lovely people who will be getting a parcel from me soon. If you're still wondering what's inside, it's a gorgeous Cath Kidston washbag, a Lark cute pocket mirror and a box of Pastiglie Leone. I had fun picking out different ones and wrapping them in pretty Belle & Boo paper.

Emily Pickle
Two Peas
My Everyday Things

Please get in touch with your address to claim your parcel, thanks! For those who missed out, I am planning another giveaway soon, keep watching! x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

H is for...

Harry, Happy at Home! He was released by the vet this morning, I gave him a bath and he's now currently snuggled up by the fire (you can just spot him if you look closely). It's such a relief, and so nice to have him back. Thanks for your kind words while he was sick. x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Harry Update

Thank you SO MUCH for all the kind wishes we've received for Harry. It made me feel a lot better.

Harry spent the night on a drip at the vet's. We weren't allowed to visit him today but the vet's assistant told me he has been much more perky, and the vet says he is responding quite well and hasn't vomited or anything today, but he is still being monitored carefully. He'll be on the drip until tomorrow, when we may be able to bring him home if he's getting better, or else more tests will be taken. We've got everything crossed for him at our house! xxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Please send your love to Harry

Well, my little Harry, who I introduced you to yesterday, is sick. He was unwell from the time he came home with us but we assumed it was just settling-in problems. This morning after the kids had gone to school he went off for a sleep and when he woke up he was vomiting. Since then he has been vomiting most of the day and has only wanted to sleep, snuggling up to this blanket that I wrapped him in when we first brought him home. He is just floppy and tired, he doesn't even want to play with his favourite toy. Luckily we live opposite a great vet, who has given him an injection for his dehydration and is monitoring him. But I can't help worrying, he's so unbelievably tiny and helpless. Right now he is on my lap, on his blankie, with his chin on my keyboard. I'm sure he will be ok, probably it's just his change of environment, but please send all your love to Harry tonight, hoping that he will get better and be a perky little puppy again as soon as possible. Thank you xxx

Update: Harry has been sick again and has gone to spend the night at the vet's surgery on a drip (he has his blankie with him). Tomorrow he will have some samples taken to check that he doesn't have a serious illness. I can't stop thinking about the poor little thing being on his own all night. Isn't it strange, a few days ago I didn't even know Harry but he has taken up a huge place in my heart so quickly. Get well tonight darling Harry! Kisses from us all xxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Meet Harry

Our 7 week old puppy dog. He came to live with us this week. Awwww. The whole family adores him. I am working at home for the next two weeks, just to be with him and to be his mum. He has the cutest little white tip on his black tail. Harry is super-smart, even at 7 weeks old. And he gives the best cuddles. Ever.

A little interview

I recently did a little interview for the Mathilda's Market blog, which is a very cute blog, by the way. Thanks Peta and Anne! If you'd like to read the interview, it is here. I'll be at Mathilda's Market on Sunday 30 May, at Malvern Town Hall.

Autumn and Winter Love

It's absolutely my favourite time of the year. Yes, despite the bugs and sniffles and grey mornings, I love this time of year. My favourite things are the smell of woodsmoke all around Daylesford, the mist, the dark starry nights and the possibility of a hot toddy before bed.

I have picked my favourite autumnal things from the Lark shop and created some very special offers for readers. The knitted pumpkins are lovely, they can be used as pin cushions or baby toys.

This is one of the most popular Belle & Boo prints

Vintage-style velvet shorts in teal blue, for layering over wool tights in winter.

And this sweet craft kit from Sparrowkids, a wonderful British designer who donates a portion of profits to the RSPB.