Friday, 14 May 2010

Kombi Love

Lots of VW inspiration on the Flickr blog today. I've been undecided for ages about whether I'd most love a vintage Kombi or a vintage caravan. For now, I just have the mini versions that we sell at Lark!

We used to drive a classic old beetle a few years ago when we lived in Adelaide, she was beautiful, the same blue as the flat truck above.

Have you seen Kim and Ro's Dottie? She's a cute green Kombi and is about to receive a makeover inside. I'm looking forward to seeing the result.


billymac clothing said...

I love kombis!!!! What a great selection of photos you've put together .... gorgeous :)

taylah_ said...

i love kombi's they are my FAVOURITE car! I have decided when I leave school, I am going to live in a kombi at byron bay for a month, then do something productive :) When I saw this post in my reader, I was like CLICK! straight away. LoveLOVElove them :)

laura mitchell said...

a sky blue 1975 kombi was my first car. had her for 4 years and loved every minute of it. she got way too expensive for a girl in her early twenties so i let her go. i'd buy another in a second. They're definately an investment but a wonderful one. I say go for both. i'm planning on having a caravan when i have kids later on too! yay for vintage deliciousness. ps. am loving your blog/shop/goodies! x

Justine de Jonge said...

I used to drive a 1967 VW beetle in beige. His name was Bertie Beetle. He had beautiful maroon leather seats and steel bumpers. I miss him so much!