Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Samples of two brand new Belle & Boo prints arrived on my desk today, aren't they delightful? They will be available to order soon, I'll let you know. If you've been considering acquiring one of Mandy's lovely signed prints for a while, now is a good time to buy one, as we have just received a large box of them here in Australia, and most of the illustrations are currently available.

All is very good here in the Lark's nest, I have been in meetings most of the week with some inspiring people, my girlfriend and I have resumed our morning walks after a couple of weeks when we just couldn't get it together, my son is a bit more settled again (thanks for your amazing support), Harry is operating at full puppy power, we had a great day at Mathilda's market with our mini shop on Sunday (chatting with my old market chums and lots of our fab customers) and it's sunny outside today. Yay!

Talking of Belle & Boo, a lovely woman called Danielle came into the shop yesterday to choose some Belle & Boo prints for her family. We talked for ages - she and her husband Philip,a jeweller, have a shop in the very small town of Meeniyan, near Phillip Island in Victoria, called Lacy. It looks delightful, maybe you would like to pop in and say hello if you are down that way!


Cuggles! Kids said...

They are just gorgeous! Simple, innocent, wonderful colours and far from all the commercial stuff I avoid. Look forward to seeing more.

PhotoPuddle said...

These are gorgeous. Fantastic for a child's room.

I want to visit your shop! Perhaps if I'm ever in Australia I will!

Lacy Jewellery said...

Oh, aren't you lovely Allison! It was wonderful to finally visit your gorgeous shop and meet you and Paul! Look forward to catching up again on our next visit to beautiful Daylesford x