Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yay for Markets

The Sisters Market in Brunswick was lovely yesterday. It's one of my favourite markets as I always see lots of my favourite customers, blog friends and fellow market girls there. I bought these pretty trinkets from Jay of Finki, who was having her last ever market stall as she is going to concentrate on selling her goods through shops. Her story reminded me what a great stepping stone markets are for crafters who want to develop their hobby into a business.

When I was starting Lark four or five years ago, craft markets were a very different thing, I would travel for miles to a huge field where I'd be competing with professional stalls selling acrylic knitted toys for $2, carved wooden plaques and 'country crafts' that were mostly not handmade. I almost gave up my business idea right there and then, thinking that no-one would ever buy my vintage storybook badges and quirky cotton-knit doughnuts. Then a new type of craft market started to emerge, where the emphasis was on quality and original design, so I found myself at Magnolia Square, and the new Life in Style trade fair, and my confidence was restored. I started meeting like-minded people and found out that my stuff was actually good, and I never looked back from there!

These days I am involved in running a local craft market in my town and I still have a stall a few times a year at Melbourne markets, but now my main reason for going to markets is to meet customers in person and stay in touch with friends who have their own craft businesses. And now I am a retailer myself, I also love to see the makers who we stock in our store, and discover new talent.

So this is just a Yay! for craft markets, for the people who run them, for the folks who buy handmade, and for designers like Jay who are taking the next step in their businesses.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I'm so glad there are creative people like you and your market friends who have been able to bring beautifully handmade things to people like me!

Maggie May said...

i second your YaY!

Estelle said...

Sisters market is such a treat, but I still cant go past a $2 pot of jam and a knitted toy in your favorite footy colours, or a knitted coat hanger.
It's amazing to think where a little knitted donut and a lot of hard work has taken you!

Daylesford Makers Market said...
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Lark said...

Thanks Estelle, I agree. I also love to find country town markets where local people set up small stalls to sell their own jams and crafts, and often for a good cause too. x

Frances said...

So true. Markets have come so far...more
original, well-made and from the heart goodies.

Alison said...

I also say yay, however I have to say boo hoo, as I only read your blog today (Sunday) and realised I missed the market. Oh well, looks like a trip to Daylesford will be coming soon, as we are now living back in Melbourne, now that's a big YAY!

Jay @ Finki said...

Thanks you so much for your lovely words Alison. I adore craft markets and was sooo lucky that my first ever market was a little community one with nannas knitting and herbal teas. It introduced me to a resurgence of crafters and people embracing handmade, from there on......well,the rest is history ( :
I now plan to be the number one craft market shopper instead of stallholder. Can't wait.
See you soon, Jay xx