Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Our online sale has started

It's full of lovely things, at special prices but only until Friday! Click here to see what's included. Apologies if the website is a little slow today, it's doing its best to cope! x


lupinbunny said...

Whew! I spent ages putting together my order, and the website crashed just as I was checking out! Argh! But it's okay, I went to work and by the time I turned on my computer it was all happy again. Mind, if you have a spare folksy angel clothkit kit left hanging about... the only item that had sold out that I really wanted... *sigh*

Kt said...

I've been googling up a storm but can't seem to find the diameter of the ladybird fruit tin... is it big enough to actually hold a cake?
I can't wait to get shopping!