Thursday, 19 August 2010


The latest issue of Maeve was posted online while I was away at the show last week. It's another lovely issue, lots of thought-provoking reading, lots of my favourite designers and bloggers and writers are featured. Soooo pretty!! If you get a chance to read my column 'Women's Business' I would love to know what you think, and what I should write about next time??


Thea said...

Great article. I totally agree that networking is essential for small business and I enjoy it too.

Cherie said...

Just spent an hour reading through Maeve, what a fab online mag full of so many lovely things and fantastic stories...

Hoping to come and visit your shop sometime very soon may even try and make it to the makers market.

Have a happy weekend

Katie said...

I just discovered Maeve and read your article..As a full time mummy who is about to start her own business I found it super useful.. Thanks!