Thursday, 23 September 2010

Call off the search!

The world's prettiest and best diary is here.

Frankie magazine have outdone themselves with their first ever diary. I mean, just look at it - cloth-bound like a vintage novel. Sheesh, could a diary be any nicer? Inside it is beautifully illustrated, featuring a 12-month calendar, week to a double page layout, birthday reminders and cute notes-to-self section. It's a little bit of Frankie goodness everyday of the year, and sure to be top of every girl's Christmas list. I am so excited to have put these into our shop today!

And not forgetting the equally lovely calendar, featuring new illustrations from Frankie's favourite artists. Plus we also have new stock of the pretty Frankie cookbooks. It's all too much, I think I need to have a lie down. xxx

Find all the Frankie loveliness here!


Ali said...

this frankie diary is GORGEOUS!! totaly on my xmas list for this christmas!

polly pratt said...

You are so close to the 1000, best of luck.

I would love a diary any chance i could buy one from you when i`m down for the next market?


REread said...

Frankie ... giver of loveliness

PhotoPuddle said...

That is so lovely.

Maxabella said...

I'm so getting one. This year was the first year where I thought I could do without a paper diary (darn you, Blackberry!) and I've missed it every day. Hello Frankie, I love you. x