Monday, 6 September 2010

I'm in Liverpool!

Hey there, guess what? I am on holiday, yay!! I'm currently spending a few days in Liverpool, England, visiting my mum. The weather has been blissfully balmy (sorry, you guys back in stormy Daylesford!). I haven't been to my home city for four years, and boy has it changed! I am knocked out by how lovely it is all looking down on the dockside. Alongside the city's amazing old waterfront, new buildings are appearing.

I especially like this office block that is currently being built in the shape of an ocean liner in reference to Liverpool's past as a major port. So many immigrants to Australia came through Liverpool, including both sides of my husband's family. It is a special place.

The central shopping district became very run down in the Thatcher 1980s but in the past few years a whole new area called Liverpool One has been created, with really great shops linked by open walkways. It reminds me of Copenhagen and in a sense it is a bit generic. I would have liked to see more reference to Liverpool's history as a merchant city, the lovely old shops that I remember, but still it is a huge improvement and something to be proud of.

To escape the busy shopping area we ducked into the Bluecoat Chambers, a gallery space with a pretty courtyard, for afternoon tea.

Some lovely little handmade shops have opened up there, where I picked up a cute pinny.

And I also had an ulterior motive, having heard that a new shop had recently opened around the corner...

Yes, Liverpool has a Cath Kidston shop! And even better it is huge and probably the nicest and friendliest I have been in. Here are a few shots to whet your appetite but I will do a full Cath Kidston report when I am back.

I indulged in a few treats: a new season dress in cosy brushed cotton, spotty gumboot socks, a washbag, a remnant of brushed cotton (very hard to find), and cute hairclips.

On the way back to mum's house I popped into the Liverpool Football Club shop to pick up something for my friend back in Daylesford who is expecting a baby at Christmas (her husband is an LFC obsessive).

Yesterday was another warm day and we headed into the Lancashire countryside to Bygone Times, a huge vintage emporium that I always visit when I go home.

Lots of ace stuff here, unfortunately not much that I can carry home with me!

Since I last visited they have created a vintage amusement arcade with restored machines. You can change a £1 coin for old pennies and use them in the slot machines, fortune tellers and coin waterfalls. Yippee! We spent a fortune in there but it was loads of fun.

After a jolly pub lunch we went out to Rufford Old Hall, a Tudor house near Ormskirk. It has beautiful gardens, so strange for me to be in the English countryside after the Aussie bush. We had scones and jam for afternoon tea, yummy!

And of course I have been catching up with my family. This is my niece Michelle and her daughter Emilie. I was only 13 when Michelle was born so it has always felt odd to be her aunty, she is a young mum with two gorgeous kids nearly as old as my boys. Michelle is lovely and she works as the manager of an Aged Care op shop, yay!!

I'm off to birmingham today to meet my old friend Emma. Back soon! xx


Kim said...

i'm drooling all over my keyboard right now! Thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us. Envy is not a virtue has to be my mantra today LOL

angela said...

Woowwee!! How fun! So envious of your holiday to the UK, sounds like you're already having a fantastic time. Can't wait to hear more of your holiday adventures!!


Jaclyn said...

sounds like you are having a great time back home - enjoy!

bee said...

So glad you are having an awesome time!! Oooh the English countryside is just heavenly, I do hope to get back there one day. Enjoy the rest of your trip :) xo

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Glad you're enjoying your holiday in the UK. I went home to W. Yorks in Aug and it did me the world of good. Enjoy!

Leah Grace said...

Hope you have a great holiday!! The Cath Kidston shop is now added to my must-visit list when I am able to get overseas again!

AnastasiaC said...

oh awesome Allison!! UK at this time of the year would be super lovely.
Wish i was there too - my bestie who lives in Plymouth just became a mummy for the first time...awww miss her so much!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

So jealous over the Cath Kidston shop. Have a lovely trip. It must be wonderful to catch up with your family. xx