Monday, 13 September 2010

Spring is here!

Great news for those of you who love your super-soft PVC tablecloths from Sabien Engel - her new Spring range has just arrived.

Yellow and teal is one of my favourite colour palettes at the moment, and the simple daisy and check pattern is so charming.

As well as the tablecloth Sabien has designed place mats...

And children's aprons.

I use the Engel range myself at home as it's the only PVC-coated cotton I have found that feels soft and can go in the washing machine. Plus of course the brilliant prints in folksy and Scandinavian styling. Too good! I will definitely be grabbing one of the Spring tablecloths. Find the full range here.


rachel and the team said...

oh how lovely, must purchase:)

bee said...

very gorgeous indeed! Your Paris photos look incredible... those figs and cheese - OH YUM! I hope Paul found some excellent bread-making inspiration at Poilane :) xo