Thursday, 7 October 2010

Daisy Lane Swappies News

The lovely folks at the Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Club asked me if I could allocate numbers to the Daisy Lane swap cards to help members in identifying them. Each card now has a number, you can see them in full here.

There has been a great reaction to the swap cards, they even had a write-up in Girlfriend magazine this month - yay! I am busy working on the second series, to be released in November and featuring some special Christmas-themed swappies. If you'd like to start collecting you can find the cards and albums here.

I'll also be bringing the cards to my stall at the Finders Keepers event in Melbourne this weekend. If you are collecting the cards do come along as I will have some singles to sell as well as the packs and albums. And every purchase over $50 at my stall will receive a free pack of swap cards - bonus!

And don't forget to join the Daisy Lane Club! We are sending out the first batch of membership cards this week, along with a letter, club badge and a randomly-selected swap card. Hurray!


Georgie Love said...

Hi Alison,

We're interstate for a funeral at the moment, but I have also been wanting to pop in here to say that meeting you was definitely and sincerely a highlight for me. :-)

Being online only can definitely be isolating, but having the opportunity of meeting like-minded passionate and dedicated people was just the best and so heartening, as things can definitely get discouraging at times. You were absolutely as lovely as your blog hinted that you would be!

I would definitely love to catch up for a chat again soon. :-)


TreasuresForLittlePeoplle said...


Sorry for the intrusion, but I thought it would be good to intro us as we are a big seller of the albums, cards and keyrings.

We have been looking forward to a swap meeting place or a medium to help our customers get the one card they need. Clients are ALWAYS asking us but we have felt a little light on info.

Do you mind if we swap links or I include you on our page? It is

Can we include some info on your swap club? (perhaps you can send us a para or two?)

We are very excited about this, we have been asking now for 8 months!