Friday, 15 October 2010

Finders keepers

Oops, I am so late posting about Finders Keepers last weekend - no doubt you know all about how great it was by now as there have been some lovely write-ups. Well, it WAS good! Good venue, good atmosphere, good food, good company. There isn't space to tell you about all the amazing people I met, lovely designers, customers, makers... let's just say that I would do it all again this weekend if I could. This is the view from my stand (how lucky to be opposite Shannon from Rabbit and the Duck?).

This is my next-door-neighbour and pal Sonia from Bob Boutique. Sonia and her lovely guy Brian kept me sane all weekend!

And who could these well-behaved children be? A feast from Beatbox kitchen went down very well!

And just for some eye candy, here is Beci Orpin's 'live inspiration board'. Yay!


Emma said...

Looks fantastic! And how good are your boys, perfect little gentlemen sitting down to eat!

Posie Patchwork said...

Look at those boys of yours, so good!! My 4 love markets, they are such good little people there, expensive (feeding them, allowing them little treats that they find) but gosh they have fun!! Sounds fabulous, love Posie

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Lovely to see you again (and Sonia). Glad you enjoyed the weekend. I really liked my visit to the great market. Was fun.

Mira Narnie said...

I was so annoyed that we were away and I couldn't go! Sounds like it was terrific!! i'm hearing amazing things around blogland!!

rabbit and the duck said...

It was lovely catching up : ) You should put up some pics of your gorgeous stall, that picket fence was so cute (like everything else on your stall : )

Mery said...

oh! i wanna go! so beautiful things! want see more!
^^ kiss

i follow you

Tinys and Tea said...

it was so good seeing you at finders keepers!! I was so excited to visit your stall! It was all incredibly cute and i couldn't resist buying from you!