Monday, 25 October 2010

Perfect beach weekend

We spent a couple of days on the coast at Queenscliff, to celebrate the start of my eldest son's 9th birthday week. Rather than have a party this year, he chose to invite his best friend to the beach (yay!), so we booked a cute house near the beach and hung out reading, playing on the beach, walking the dog, eating ice cream, Harley rides, seeing friends, exploring secret caves and cupboards and easting holiday food. Yippee!

And eating birthday cake, of course. I didn't want to carry a fully-iced cake to the beach in a car with three boys and two dogs, so I had to improvise and buy what I could find at the local supermarket when we got there. I had in mind a beach theme and had brought with me a cute set of vintage plastic cake toppers from Kath and Nat: picnic table, ghetto blaster, speedboat, balloons; the balloons reminded me of colourful gumballs so I added these to the decoration and then luckily found some cupcakes in the same colours; the main cake is a lamington cake, yum. And I took along some party plates and cups that also had a dotty gumball look, so it was very colourful and kind of came together in a casual beachy sort of way!

I managed to do a little oppy shopping too of course, I'll post a pic of my loot tomorrow. Must go and do some work now, bye! Have a great Monday!xx


Carmel said...

What a beautiful birthday. Love the cake decorations. We are heading down to Torquay to my in-laws for Christmas. Looking at your pictures makes me quite excited now. I love a mooch round Queenscliff whenever we're there. I have added Daylesford to my list of places to visit this trip. Blogland has introduced me to the delights of your town.
Happy Birthday Mr 9!

knitgirl66 said...

Happy Birthday 9 year old. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. My boy turns 9 on Friday and is having a Zorro party.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Lovely! What a great way to spend the weekend, perfect!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh my God, so you had: no party stress, just a beautiful relaxing weekend at my favourite place in Victoria, Queenscliff, with probably less parenting to do because friends amuse each other, instead of; a crowd of screaming boys, a mass of baking and all that cleaning up afterwards? I think you're a GENIUS!!!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

That sounds perfect to me. The parties are just getting out of control here. An intimate beach gathering sounds a perfect way to go. xx

Jaclyn said...

happy birthday to your son and what a wonderful birthday weekend it turned out to be!