Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vote Daisy Lane!

The wonderful peeps at Total girl magazine have included the Daisy Lane Swap Cards in their Toy of the Year awards. Hip hip hooray! To vote for us please click here. It's wonderful to see swap cards being enjoyed by little girls again! And this is a great way of supporting products that are 100% Australian made, so thanks Total Girl, we love you! x


Sassypop Kids said...

Hi I went and voted for daisy Lane and I must say I was so impressed to see that you were competing against the big corporations - what an acheivement for you. I must say you have inspired me and I have been collecting up swap cards from ebay for my older sister for christmas - re establishing the ones we had when we were young. The Daisy lane cards and album are on my christmas list to buy to finish off her present.

babygalah said...

Tick done !
An amazing effort, especially as you have just launched this lovely line.
I also had a question, is the Lark shop and Daylesford in general open on Melbourne Cup Day? We were thinking of escaping the city....and where better to go??

bee said...

Oooh that's so exciting! I've cast my vote for Daisy Lane swap cards.... fingers crossed now!