Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Amazing SPACES

Frankie's new Spaces book is HUGE! I mean seriously, bigger than A4 and very chunky. I spent last night poring through the pages and gasping and sighing - I do think this is one of the nicest homes books I have ever seen. Some of my favourite people are featured - Rob Ryan, Tonje Holand, Emily Chalmers, Nina Van de Goor, Dona Wilson, and there are seriously inspiring homes and workspaces from Australia and all over the world in here. Warning: buy this book and you will have major space envy!! Here are a few (iPhone) snaps of my favourite pages, you can buy Spaces in our shop if you like what you see - there is A LOT more aceness to see and read in this book.


Alison said...

I bought this awesome book yesterday and have been devouring it page by page. I am envious and inspired at the same time.

Your space is divine.

zigsma said...

I don't think I should buy this. I may just implode with envy.

Morgan Wills said...

Right up my alley - absolutely LOVE it. Makes me feel so much better about all those things I have at home that some may call clutter! So, so inspiring x

Hen said...

Ooooh, I want this, nay I neeeed it. Will it be out in the UK EVER? I am going to have to get on a plane otherwise. Thanks v much for sharing the photos.
Hen x

Kelly White said...

Oh my, your space looks lovely, poured through the book oohing and ahhing all night after I picked up some copies for me and Lynds. You have captured all my favourite pages right here! I love that 70's floral house the best i think.
See you at FK next weekend!
Kell x