Saturday, 13 November 2010


Today I worked in the shop by myself all day as Jordana had a day off. Paul and the boys were also around and it turned into a very social day, with lots of friends dropping in, and kids playing together. Outside it rained heavily ALL day, so it was nice to be inside our cosy shop with music and lollies and nice customers!

I found these vintage Christmas crackers at the op shop next to our shop last week, along with a whole lot of vintage Christmas decorations. I LOVE Christmas crackers, they are such a part of my childhood with their corny jokes, plastic novelties and the coloured crown hats that are slightly embarrassing to wear but somehow they make Christmas dinner complete!! Crackers are a huge deal in England - a friend of mine had a German boyfriend and she used to sneak a box of crackers onto a plane every Christmas when she visited him as you couldn't get them there and his family thought they were the bees knees.


Raine and Sage said...

I love the sound of being in a cosy shop with heavy rain outside. I don't think one can ever grow out of a cracker! :)

REread said...

cool ... I think Xmas is a bit daggy but I do love a cracker. Reminds me of my Dad - he always insisted on wearing the stupid hat!

jude said...

Those crackers are fantastic. I've got a bit of a thing about old Christmas dec's also. Especially the tissue paper garlands that are quite hard to find these days.