Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rainy Saturday!

Whoosh - it has not stopped raining today! It did not deter people from coming to our garage sale - thank you so much everyone who braved the rain to come over, I really appreciate it! We were flat out for the first 2 hours, and the fabric table was cleared almost in the first half hour! It was lovely to chat with some of our regular customers, our favourite makers and designers, and meet new people too. A lovely new girl called Emma started work in the Lark shop today, she is going to be helping Jordana on Saturdays. Lots of pregnant ladies and cute babies came into the shop. A friend told me some fantastic news about her business. Right now we are eating leftovers from last night's dinner with our friends, and lounging in the lounge. Loving these roses from my dearest friend's garden. My son has his bestie over for a movie and sleepover. It's all good! Even with the rain.


designed to a T said...

Sounds like life couldn't be much better...Terese

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

lucky you, sounds like the sale was a major success on all fronts. always great when a plan works out. sometimes have an art/antique open house chez moi, here in france, and love meeting up with irregular regular clients. only wish my best friends could pop by but they are all in the uk; hey ho it's a choice. hope the sun shines; linda...

valentina said... make me feel like ..."Iwish I´ll be there!!!!!!"...but...I´m not near enough.
Sometime, maybe...!
Congrats!!! everything is wonderfull!!!!!!

suze2000 said...

We were there! At last I visited the little Lark Store (bought two knitted reindeer decorations in the shed), the Makers Market (would have got more out of that if we'd had a kid of some sort to buy for) and we went to the Mill and exhausted ourselves in there (my six-month search for a china teapot ended in success with a Wedgewood).

Wasn't the rain biblical? I think a lot of people lost their (gravel) driveways yesterday and the road from Melb to Ballarat was downright dangerous at that cutting just before Bacchus Marsh (luckily by that point in the afternoon, we were heading BACK to Melb, which in itself was a little scary).

Linda said...

I was there too! I have a huuuuuuuuge stash of fabric now and I'm so excited, coming up with plans for it all.

The pile is on the floor of my lounge room as we speak, sorted into colours, etc, for pre-washing. I'm finishing writing end of year reports for my Grade 3s, and every time I need a little motivation, I look at the pile and keep on going - each word done on the reports is one word closer to sewing, sewing and more sewing!

Thank goodness Lark is only a short country drive from Kyneton!