Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Handmade Living Profile: Wynona Leach of Ivy Designs

The second lovely designer I have chosen to profile for the Handmade Living blog tour is Wynona Leach. Check out her fab designs for little ones!

Name: Wynona Leach

Business: Ivy Designs

Location: Sydney

When did you open ‘shop’: 2008

What is your business background? I have a degree in communications and a background in advertising and publishing. These things have helped with marketing the business. I learnt to sew as a young child and taught myself various craft skills. All business experience has been on the job.

What is the essence of your business? Handmade children's clothing, accessories and sewing patterns, all made locally.

What is your secret to balancing business with family? I spend time with my daughter during the day and work at night and when she is in care, which doesn't leave much time for relaxation. Weekends are normally down time.

What is your greatest business achievement? Recognition for quality and original work, positive feedback from stockists and customers, having my work published and earning an income from doing something I love.

Name your favourite product. The bowerbird necklaces.

Why is handmade so important? It allows consumers to connect with designers/makers and vice versa. Handmade gives meaning to things. It is a way of spreading the love.

How did it feel being part of this brand new craft book?

Flattered to be amongst talented people. Excited to see my work published and positive about the future of handmade.

What five words best sum you up? Creative, busy, humorous, self-motivated, loving.

Where can we see more? www.ivydesigns.com.au and various boutique markets including Handmade Canberra.

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh big fan of Wynona's work, have lots of her accessories for me & my daughters. My favourite this week are her DIY necklace sets in the sweetest jars!! Her children's clothes are glorious, great interview, love Posie