Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vintage Angel Art Cards

Regular readers will know that I have recently been working closely with Phil Taylor and his family, who run one of Australia's oldest greeting card design companies in Sydney.

Phil was the artist who originally commissioned Sue Taylor's artwork in the 1970s that we have re-launched together as Daisy Lane.

Well, before Phil started to work with young, emerging artists he produced cards with his own illustrations, often using pseudonyms to hide his true identity.

He designed this beautiful series of cards back in the early days of the company, depicting cute little girls and boys, under the name' Joanna'. They were immensely popular, especially at Christmas time.

Phil, who came from England, was fascinated with Australian flora and he used all kinds of native flowers in his illustrations, from waxflowers, to flannel flowers, to bush daisies.

To celebrate 50 years of this wonderful business, Phil and his family have re-launched a selection of the Joanna cards (also known as 'Angel Art'). I am totally in love with each and every card and I am planning to give them as my Christmas cards this year, as well as framing a few.

I think this is my favourite of all!

If you like the Angel cards you can find them in Lark's Christmas Card shop online, or in the Daylesford store. We've made up some mixed packs that will save you some pennies, or you can buy them individually. There is also a set of mini cards as well. x


Tania McCartney said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of my old swap cards... sigh.

angelgurl said...

wow they are so super cute, what beautiful illustrations.

librarygirl said...

Gosh I am so OLD I remember how much I loved Phil Taylor cards and swap cards in 70s. Blast from the past to see those images, thank you for sharing.

Lauren said...

oh wow they are lovely!