Thursday, 11 November 2010

What we've been up to...

Baking - Paul's sourdough keeps getting better

Gardening - all this rain and a bit of sunshine has brought out some glorious flowers

DIY - we are fixing up the old front verandah, it badly needs it

Choosing paint colours (eek) with Noel, our painter - the house hasn't been painted for about 50 years so this is exciting but scary

Making robots - I was particularly taken with this guy that Jules and I made yesterday. We've also been exploding papier mache volcanoes (isn't that the best thing ever for little boys?).

Being sick. I've had one thing after another since Cup Day, very boring and I am FED UP of it.

Clearing out. This wallpaper went into my online yard sale, I have lots more to list when I find the time.

Sewing - being sick has forced me away from my laptop and I am attempting to make a skirt for my girlfriend

Making a lolly shop - I have always envisaged this old shop counter being full of edible treats and now it is! This is my favourite part of our shop now.

Shopping - just a couple of lovely finds from the Daylesford bazaar - old cards and a granny blanket.

The Daisy Lane girls are also busy sending out the little club membership packs - they tell me that they are nearly up to date, so if you haven't received yours yet it will be on its way soon!

That's what we have been up to, what about you? x


Maxabella said...

I want to come and live at your place. x

bee said...

Your sweet-shop counter looks DIVINE! I'm thinking about taking a trip to visit you before xmas, I'm looking forward to seeing your new-look shop :) That granny blanket is gorgeous - it's so strange, I'm half-way through crocheting a granny blanket in almost those exact colours!

LollipoppsCreations said...

Paul's sourdough looks divine. I haven't actually made sourdough for a while now. But i just might make a loaf or two today. Thanks for Sharing