Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hurrah ... new Daisy Lane swap cards!

Betty, our printer, just dropped in to Lark with a big box containing the first batch of the new Daisy Lane swap cards. Yay!! Series 2 contains 24 new illustrations by Sue Adams to add to the first set of 24.

These are the 24 new cards - as you can see, there are some special edition Christmas designs in this set.

When we decided to make some swap cards earlier this year it was with quite a bit of trepidation - I know that swap cards have such an important place in many people's hearts here in Australia - but the reception has been brilliant, so many people have been in touch to tell us that they love the cards and Sue's artwork. I had to take quite a big financial risk too, as we are printing the cards and envelopes in Australia and the print runs are scary, especially when you multiply them by 144 (the number of cards that will appear in the set over time). But sometimes you just have to follow your heart and take a big leap of faith, and I'm glad we did!

Anyway, the series two cards are now available online and we are shipping them out today. Albums are also available - they are the traditional style albums and they'll also fit your vintage swappies.

Series 3 is scheduled for release in February, around Valentine's Day, and we re planning to include a limited edition card to make collecting even more fun. Yay for swap cards, and for Sue Adams, and for collecting pretty things! x


our shabby cottage said...

These are so cute, I collected swap cards as a child, so they bring back a lot of memories!

Violet and Rose said...

We are sooo glad you did too! Can't wait for the parcel in the mail. And I love how you have staggered releasing them. It makes it all the more exciting!

taylah said...

they are gorgeous, and congratulations on their success! my friend made a trip to daylesford the other day, unfortunately Lark was shut, but i am making the trip from queensland in march, so hopefully we will be able to visit then! your shop looks so magical <3
taylah x