Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ha Ha Halloween!

Greetings from rainy Daylesford. The weather here is suitably dark and spooky for Halloween weekend. We have been baking creepy cupcakes and making terrifying trick or treat bags with these scary stickers from Pilgrim. Lots of pumpkin action happening too, and I think a Scooby Doo movie will be just the thing this afternoon. Hope you have a freaky weekend! x

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New faves

Just a few lovelies from our shop, we have a lot of new homey things in at the moment. They are all on the NEW! page of our webshop and also in our actual, real shop in Daylesford. x

Op Shop Finds

I promised to post about my op shop finds from the weekend - this little stash came from the two op shops in Queenscliff, I always find good treasure in seaside towns for some reason!

A cute tea crate and a vintage fabric bag.

Serving platters from the Vue Grand, a famous old hotel in Queenscliff.

One of those old photo-puppet books, I have a collection of these.

A giant Willow biscuit tin in fetching red gingham!

A 1970s patchwork book.

On the way back through Geelong we stopped at the Mill where I bought these lovelies.

A pristine 1974 calendar tea towel

A pretty tin tray - I think this is my favourite thing that I found.

And a king size vintage patchwork quilt. It needs a few repairs but as it cost barely anything I think I can manage that! I've since laundered it and it has come up beautifully, I love it.

Vote Daisy Lane!

The wonderful peeps at Total girl magazine have included the Daisy Lane Swap Cards in their Toy of the Year awards. Hip hip hooray! To vote for us please click here. It's wonderful to see swap cards being enjoyed by little girls again! And this is a great way of supporting products that are 100% Australian made, so thanks Total Girl, we love you! x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Paumes books special offer week for collectors!

Hip hip hurrah, four new Paumes books have just arrived at Lark! To celebrate, we are offering over 25% off all of the existing Paumes titles for one week only. With over 30 books now available, this is a great opportunity to fill the gaps in your collection of these lovelies! At just $28 each (usually $38) until 2 November only from our online Paumes shop. Yay!

And here is a peek at the new books...

and Paris Familty Style has just come back into stock too...

Perfect beach weekend

We spent a couple of days on the coast at Queenscliff, to celebrate the start of my eldest son's 9th birthday week. Rather than have a party this year, he chose to invite his best friend to the beach (yay!), so we booked a cute house near the beach and hung out reading, playing on the beach, walking the dog, eating ice cream, Harley rides, seeing friends, exploring secret caves and cupboards and easting holiday food. Yippee!

And eating birthday cake, of course. I didn't want to carry a fully-iced cake to the beach in a car with three boys and two dogs, so I had to improvise and buy what I could find at the local supermarket when we got there. I had in mind a beach theme and had brought with me a cute set of vintage plastic cake toppers from Kath and Nat: picnic table, ghetto blaster, speedboat, balloons; the balloons reminded me of colourful gumballs so I added these to the decoration and then luckily found some cupcakes in the same colours; the main cake is a lamington cake, yum. And I took along some party plates and cups that also had a dotty gumball look, so it was very colourful and kind of came together in a casual beachy sort of way!

I managed to do a little oppy shopping too of course, I'll post a pic of my loot tomorrow. Must go and do some work now, bye! Have a great Monday!xx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Toadstool Houses on Little Crew

The lovely folks at the Little Crew iPhone app have written a nice feature on our Toadstool Houses - check it out here. If you have an iPhone you can get Little Crew free at the apps store, it has lots of lovely kids eye candy!

Kim is busy making more Toadstool Houses at the moment so we hope to have them again very soon, along with something very special I have been teasing you about!x

Friday, 22 October 2010


I am really enjoying my youngest son's drawing style at the moment - one of the most amazing things about bringing up kids is watching their creativity develop, seeing them take in lots of influences from all around them, and adding their own touch to everything.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Daisy Lane posters in Frankie!

So the little treat in the new issue of Frankie is that you'll find one of four Daisy Lane posters in the middle, yay! I'd love to know which one you choose if you buy your copy at the newsagent! Maybe buy a full set of four? Hurrah! xx

Pick a Posy

A Little Something

Thinking of You

Daisy Meadow

That Christmas Lark

One of the benefits of having a red logo is that you can easily add a santa hat to make a special Christmassy version! What do you think?

Lisa Stickley

I really liked this Lisa Stickley range at Debenhams while I was in London, it's very pretty and has a sort of 'early 60s meets contemporary' vibe. I wanted to bring some pieces home with me but of course I couldn't. However, Lisa has recently written a great craft book that we have in the Lark shop...

Made at Home is a simple guide to home sewing that is perfect for beginners, but also has some tempting new home projects for more experienced crafters, like a pretty patchwork bedspread and a quirky doorstop. The photography is gorgeous in this book!

We also have a pretty covered Lisa Stickley by Lisa. Love!

Monday, 18 October 2010

This week...

... the new issue of Frankie will be out and there is a special Daisy Lane treat inside. Wait and see! I can't wait to get my copy.

A new newsletter - and a prize!

I recently re-launched the Lark email newsletter with the help of Lyndsay - it now comes out once or twice a week in a cute, small format. Each newsletter features something that is brand new or very special, and it is a great way to be the first to find out about what's new in our shop and snap it up before someone else does.

Anyway, to celebrate, this month we are offering a $200 Lark gift voucher for one reader, all you have to do is join our newsletter by October 31st (there is a subscribe box on the sidebar of my blog and also on the Lark homepage). The winner will be drawn at random from all of our newsletter subscribers on 1 November (so if you already receive our newsletter you don't need to subscribe again).

Please note this competition is only available to Australian residents and the shipping cost of the winner's purchases is not included.

Yay, thanks!xx


I am working at home today and enjoying a brew in my pretty Anthropologie teacup. I bought two of these in London and carefully carried them back in my hand luggage - I would have like to have bought a whole pile of them, they are so pretty!

Cake Central

Here is another cool party collection, Cake Central, made by a small design company in the UK called Talking Tables who I met up with when I was in London last month. The 'Party People' banner is fab and I love all the little sayings like 'Eat More Cake' and 'Spoil Me'. It would be great for a boy's birthday, I think. In fact, I have a boy's birthday coming up next week and this could be perfect... although it's equally good for girls if you want to avoid being too cute (is there such a thing?).

Cake Central is available in the Party section on our website, where you'll also find lots and lots of other party stuff, as we are a bit obsessed with it at the moment! You can mix and match it all - how about Cake Central cupcake cases with the red dotty Sambelinna plates and cups? Hip hip hooray! x