Monday, 7 February 2011

Autumn, here we come!

I have been busy working on our Autumn catalogue today. Ever since my early days as a cub in the publishing industry, promoting the latest books and soothing the egos of authors and 'experts', making catalogues is the single thing I have enjoyed most about my job.

Making a cute shop and managing a web store are all very good too, but in catalogues you get to say 'this is it: here's everything we have put our heart into, everything that we hope that you will love as much as we do over the coming months'. All the thinking, the searching, the trade fairs, the presentations, the processes, they all come down to this - the season in a nutshell.

I love it. And I love this new season in Lark. We are FIVE YEARS OLD this season, and it is the best collection that we have ever had. That is true. Here is a sneak preview of the catalogue, which will be available for download next week.

You'll have to be patient and wait for the rest, But I can tell you this much ... it's really, REALLY good! xxx


lupinbunny said...

Are those preserving jars I spy? Oh my. My. I think this might be the year I have to actually splurge and get the proper jars and get working on the preserves. We have moved into a very old house with five enormous grapevines. No sign of an abundance of grapes yet, but the neighbours have assured us that in other years there was enough for two different people to raid the vines (our house was vacant for a long while) and make jam.

Jacki said...

Goodie! I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!