Sunday, 13 February 2011

Can you spot Ingrid?

She's our pretty little 4 year old grey and white cat. She loves a cuddle on the sofa, and she likes to spy at us through the windows, but she is also very fond of hiding in the garden. When we were on holiday she hid away for 14 days until after we came back, leaving our neighbour Michelle to worry about her. Most nights Ingrid comes in for tea, but sometimes she doesn't, and then at 4am she decides that she might, after all, grace us with her presence, so she sits outside our bedroom window (how does she know we are in there?) miaowing persistently. Luckily for her she is very cute.


pen said...

cheeky kitty
is she liking her new home?

sean the prawn said...

She does have a very sweet little kitty face.
I'm helping a friend at Instyle & I'm quite excited about checking out your display.

Sue said...

Oh she is very cute. Our little kitty Bella knows what room we are in when she is outside in the garden. She starts meowing to let us know she's there or even knocks on the front door screen!

Jayne said...

Typical cat, only showing up when it suits her! I agree with Sue and Sean the Prawn, she's a very cute little moggy :)