Saturday, 5 February 2011

Here today...

When I choose new products for Lark, I am pretty much not buying in the way that, say, a large department store chain would. I look for people and things that are inspiring me right now, today. And when I find something I like, I buy a little of it and put it in our store. And when it's all sold, it's all sold.

Although we have some 'classics' at Lark, like pigtail kits and swap cards and knitted doughnuts, things that we love so much that we have them in the shop season after season, most things that I feature in the store are part of a very small batch and will not hang around for long. Sometimes even, there is only one.

The reason I'm telling you this is because we've had such a lot of emails from Lark customers recently asking 'where is the such-and-such that I saw on your website in November' or 'do you still have the thingymabob that was in a magazine last spring'. On most occasions Emily or I have to reply that we don't, which is sad.

Sometimes we do re-stock things, and we've put a link on every product's page so that you can ask to receive an email as soon as it is in. But if you can't see a product you remember from our shop, the chances are that it wont be available again, or at least not for a long time.

With so many gorgeous new season ranges coming into Lark over the next few weeks, I really would suggest that if you see something you love that you don't leave it in your basket for too long. Think of us like your favourite clothes store - that cute cardi that just came in wont still be there in summer, if it's especially good it might even be sold out by next week. It's seasonal. So if you love it and it's in your budget, you should definitely buy it right away.

That's all I wanted to say! This picture above is one of my favourite new collections, that we'll have in store very soon, but only a little of it, as it is very special. x


Maxabella said...

So true - as one who has missed out from time to time I have a new motto: I see, I like, I pounce!!!

Your philosophy makes it worthwhile. x

Morgan Wills said...

Yes! If my heart truly sings when I see something - then it must be mine! More the better if I know there aren't many of them to be had! x

Donna said...

These look beautiful Allison. I can't wait to see them.

I have the same problem. Customers contact me and ask when I am getting more of my vintage fabric in, like I have a warehouse that supplies me!!!

Annie said...

Here's my motto - SEE IT - LOVE IT - BUY IT!!

Next time I'm near Daylesford Im calling into the shop!! Have a great weekend.