Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Good things this week...

A photo of Harry by Jacob

Sending and receiving flowers

Picking so many plums from our garden

Putting new things into our shop

Having time at last to start playing with the mixer that Santa brought me

Watching the kids hang out at home after being on the road for most of the summer.

I'm trying to look at the positives because there have also been lots of bad things this week (grrr) my son with the broken arm fell again at school and now has a bumpy head, the dentist, bills and more bills, not feeling 100%, processing orders, not enough time for anything.

I'm hoping March will be a nicer month than February. I'm giving it my best!!


Maxabella said...

I am certain that your Kitchenaid and those plums will more than make up for your yuk week! x

pilgrim said...

sorry to hear your week has been blurg. all these things are sure to pass and march = autumn, and autumn = puddingy things like PLUM CRUMBLE! which can't be a bad thing ever.

Kim H said...

Of course March will be a better month ~ it's autumn. YAH! Best time of year.

I hope you have a lovely week this week x

Tracey said...

I can honestly say that the past week was pretty crappy around my house too. Not sure if the planets were in some strange alignment.